CocoVero and The Charles Hotel: the Stylish Way to Celebrate Oktoberfest

Rocco Forte Hotels

CocoVero, a stylish fashion label who create traditional clothing with a modern flair, have designed a special limited edition dirndl for the team at The Charles Hotel this Oktoberfest. 

We spoke with Constanze Schnitzler and Veronika Stork-Jacklbauer, the fashionable duo behind the label whose previous partnerships have included InStyle magazine and make-up brand Bobbi Brown.

What do you love the most about being in this particular area of the fashion industry?

Coco: “As many brides wear one of our designs to their wedding, we often receive very personal and emotional messages. It’s really nice to know that we accompany many of our customers on one of the most beautiful days in life with our dirndl dresses and make their experience even more beautiful.”

Could you share your memories of traditional clothing when you were growing up?

Vero: “As I grew up in Bavaria, I have so many memories of my whole family wearing a dirndl or lederhosen since I was a child. My first day of school was really special to me, as we all dressed up in our best Bavarian outfits.

“I got to wear a dirndl in my favourite colours and received a matching school bag full of small gifts and sweets. I can’t wait for my own kids to have their first day of school, where they will of course wear CocoVero outfits.”

"We always try to combine modern elements with traditional fashion"

How do you make traditional clothes so that they appeal to modern taste?

Vero: “Our designs are inspired by current trends in the fashion industry, and we always try to combine modern elements with traditional fashion, for example by using fabrics with modern patterns for our dirndl designs.”

Coco: “We make sure we only use high-quality fabrics, careful workmanship and attention to detail. Our designs are made in very small production sites, and we are frequently in touch with them during the manufacturing process to ensure a high quality for every piece.

What makes the designs for the team at The Charles Hotel special?

Coco: “When selecting the pieces for The Charles Hotel team, we wanted to make sure the designs reflected the elegance of the hotel. As red is the colour of the Rocco Forte logo, we created dirndl dresses in different shades of red. For the male staff, we made classic and elegant pieces made out of traditional Bavarian fabrics in dark grey.

“We recommend combining white dirndl blouses with our dirndl dresses and white shirts for the male staff for the best look. We hope guests, on seeing the team at the hotel, will feel inspired to wear a dirndl or lederhosen themselves to have an authentic Munich experience!”

What are you most looking forward to about Oktoberfest?

Vero: “We love that the atmosphere here in Munich is really special during Oktoberfest. The whole city is excited, and you can smell cotton candy and roasted almonds everywhere.”

Coco: “We attend Oktoberfest every year on several days for different occasions, for example with our team, but also with our families. To make the most out of it, make sure to wear shoes which are comfortable and to not only drink beer, but also water.”

Experience Oktoberfest at The Charles Hotel from 16th September 2023 until 3rd October, 2023. Celebrate one of the great Bavarian traditions and see our team dressed in CocoVero’s elegant dirndls and traditional clothes. You can also view and purchase items from the latest CocoVero collection at their pop-up shop in our hotel, open from Thursday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm.

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