Europe’s Most Enriching Spa Treatments

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The Purest Local Ingredients

Whether you’re staying at Hotel de Russie in Rome, The Balmoral in Edinburgh or another of our European hotels, we encourage you to treat yourself to a spa ritual that harnesses regional produce and supports local communities.


Olive oil and Trapani salt

Set on Sicily’s west coast, Verdura Resort is surrounded by olive groves and salt pans such as Saline di Trapani and Paceco, a protected reserve near Trapani that’s the size of Richmond Park in London. 

Olive oil bursts with antioxidants and vitamins D, A, K and E, which moisturise the skin and help to prevent premature signs of ageing, while salt contains potassium, magnesium and calcium which can reduce inflammation. 

Verdura Spa’s two-hour olive oil body ritual makes use of both. After a foot soak, your therapist will scrub your body with olive leaves and Trapani sea salt, brush you with organic olive oil then wrap you up to let your skin absorb the oil’s nutrients. While you’re cocooned you’ll enjoy a face, scalp and body massage with Irene Forte skincare products.



The Romans are credited for introducing spa culture to Germany, however you needn’t visit a spa town in order to relax. Instead, soak in the pool or have a treatment in De Rome Spa in Hotel de Rome, which is set in the former vault of the 19th-century Dresden Bank in Berlin.

The spa’s one-hour Cellcosmet – Swiss radiance revealer treatment aims to regenerate the face and cleavage using soil, kombucha (fermented tea) and edelweiss, a white flower that blooms in summer in the Alps, above 1,800 metres altitude.

White wine and apricots

Italy is known for its vineyards, however few realise that after Turkey and Uzbekistan, Italy grows more apricots than any other country. The Romans are thought to have first introduced apricots to Italy, having imported them from Greece, and today they grow in abundance around Mt Vesuvius, east of Naples.

At Hotel de Russie in Rome, we use wine and apricots in our 80-minute Mediterranean nourishing treatment. The treatment begins with a body scrub made from apricot kernels and Trapani salt, which helps remove impurities and soften the skin. You will then enjoy a body massage with Sicilian oils and white wine cream.


Hebridean salt

The Hebrides is an archipelago off western Scotland that is prized for its rugged landscape. 

The Balmoral Spa in Edinburgh’s The Balmoral uses Hebridean sea salt in its one-hour Ishga detoxifying seaweed body wrap. As well as being packed with minerals, salt unclogs pores and exfoliates the skin, boosting circulation. 

After scrubbing you with salt and oil, your therapist will cocoon you in seaweed gel to eliminate toxins and reduce cellulite. After your treatment you can sip Scottish mineral water by the pool.


Volcanic stones and Sicilian oils

Set in the heel of Italy, Masseria Torre Maizza is within easy reach of Puglia’s 800 kilometre coastline.

The scent of orange blossom and olive groves at the Torre Maizza Spa melt away any hint of stress, as do the ingredients in our 90-minute earth and sea toning treatment.

The ritual uses ingredients from the Italian south. It begins with a Trapani salt body scrub, which will leave your skin feeling silky. Your therapist will then apply nutrient-rich algae and clay mud to extract impurities, followed by a scalp massage using volcanic stones from Mt Etna and a final application of nutrient-rich Sicilian oil.

Visit a farmers’ market to buy local products as a memento of your stay in a Rocco Forte hotel.

When you stay in a Rocco Forte hotel, source unique mementos of your visit from a  farmers’ market or ask your Concierge about the local producers and suppliers we work with.

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