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Take in otherworldly landscapes and soaring views on a helicopter ride to discover the peak of Europe’s tallest active volcano. Overshadowing the ancient city of Catania, Mount Etna can be seen from most of Sicily, but its stark, rumbling summit remains a mystery to most. The ancient Greeks believed it to be the home of the Cyclops; for the Romans, it housed Vulcan, god of fire. Soar up to the top of this natural wonder as part of a three-night Exquisite Europe adventure at Verdura Resort and discover its myth and majesty for yourself.

Take up residence in one of our stylish villas, where a welcoming array of local delicacies awaits your arrival. A Sicilian Aroma Massage on the shore soon soothes away the effects of your journey, while, for a more lasting souvenir, esteemed local artist Michele Bono paints your portrait during your stay. Enjoy the fruits of the Mediterranean with an indulgent five-course seafood dinner on Amare’s terrace as the sun sets, each dish prepared before your eyes by a private chef and accompanied by carefully paired wine. 

Aside from these highlights, the zenith is undoubtedly the volcano itself. A private pilot takes you for a scenic flight over vineyards, olive and citrus groves, and traditional villages as you head east over Sicily. Touching down on Etna’s dramatic pinnacle, you’ll be met by an experienced guide who will guide you through vast, lunar landscapes pocked with immense craters, spectacular caves and fascinating rock formations unlike any other on the planet. Remember to glance beyond these strange landscapes, too—stunning panoramic views over Sicily’s verdant countryside await.

To book your Exquisite Europe experience at Verdura Resort, please email reservations.verdura@roccofortehotels.com or call +39 06 32 888 630.

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