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From horse riding in London's Hyde Park to street art in Rome and a special ceramics masterclass in Sicily, your clients have a wealth of exciting new experiences to choose from. Take advantage of our latest experiences and adventures when booking an escape this spring.

Horse Riding in London’s Hyde Park

Used by Henry VIII as his own private hunting grounds, there are few more memorable ways to experience Hyde Park than on horseback. Your clients will saddle up and set off across the park’s 250 acres, taking a trot around the picturesque Serpentine lake, as well as the Diana Memorial Fountain and historic Speaker’s Corner. Visitors will also ride down the historic Rotten Row, originally built in the 17th century for King William III.

Ceramics workshop in Sicily

A craft that has ancient roots in Sicily, your clients can discover the fascinating tradition of ceramic making in Sciacca, close by to Verdura Resort. A fun, hands-on workshop that’s perfect for individual travellers as well as families and groups, guests will get their hands dirty welding and decorating their own creations, learning special artisan techniques along the way.

Street Art Tour in Rome

Most visitors to Rome are already familiar with the city’s Renaissance masterpieces, but how many know where to find incredible street art in the Eternal City? Your clients can uncover Rome’s vibrant street art scene on this expert-led tour, which leads visitors through the city’s creative, eye-catching Ostiense neighbourhood before arriving at Citta dell’altra Economia, a fascinating local community of working artists.

Rock'N'Roll in Brussels

Take this opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Gainsbourg at the Hotel Amigo, with an exclusive tour of Brussels and an overnight stay in one of our Junior suites, with breakfast included. Toast to rock’n’roll memories and legendary stories with a complimentary drink, one of Gainsbourg's preferred cocktails the Gibson.


To book a stay at Brown’s Hotel in London, email or call +44 20 7493 6020.

To book a stay at Verdura Resort in Sicily, email or call +39 06 32 888 630.

To book a stay at Hotel De Russie in Rome, email or call +39 06 32 888 830.

To book a stay at Hotel Amigo in Brussels, email or call +32 25 474747.

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