Rocco Forte Hotels

Every property in the Rocco Forte Hotels Collection embodies a unique sense of place, with many considered landmarks in their own right. Their impressive heritage has inspired a number of renowned directors to set silver-screen productions within their walls, taking advantage of their grand architecture, exceptional interiors and central locations to shoot scenes that are today part of cinematic history. We’ve curated some of the films shot in our hotels, to allow guests to experience them through the eyes of iconic characters, from James Bond to Miss Marple.


Hotel Astoria


Commissioned by the Romanovs, Hotel Astoria has been an integral part of St. Petersburg’s Admiralteysky district for over a century. Glimpse its historic interiors in 1974 comedy Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia, in which the antics of a group of Italians united in their search for hidden treasure are recounted. One dramatic scene between lead Andrei Mironov and his love interest is set in one of the elegant rooms and a hallway, before his daring escape through a window. Following its acquisition and glamorous renovation by Rocco Forte Hotels, Hotel Astoria also briefly featured in 1995 James Bond classic GoldenEye.


The Charles Hotel


The Charles Hotel’s leafy exterior and smart interiors make an appearance in 2017 German box-office hit This Crazy Heart. Based on a true story, an irresponsible young man is forced to care for a sick 15-year-old and experiences a heartfelt epiphany as he forgoes partying to help the teen rediscover a zest for life. During the emotional rollercoaster, The Charles Hotel’s colonnaded lobby and spacious Monforte Suite can be seen, complete with the polished floors, stylish furnishings and cherished antiques that make it such a desirable base in Munich.


The Balmoral


Every successful writer looks for a place in which they are inspired and, for award-winning author J. K. Rowling, The Balmoral was her secret home for six months while completing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The successful 2017 Runcie documentary J.K. Rowling: A Year in The Life opens with her heading to the now-legendary room 552, in which she penned the final pages of the novel. Since then, Rocco Forte Hotels’ Director of Design, Olga Polizzi, has paid tribute to the author, designating one of the hotel’s signature suites ‘The J. K. Rowling Suite’, complete with quirky nods to the book and even a marble bust of Hermes that Rowling signed upon finishing her masterpiece.


Brown’s Hotel


London’s first hotel has hosted many significant events over the years, from the first-ever phone call to special dinners that have been attended by political leaders and royalty from around the world. It’s been the stage for fictional events, too. The hotel’s unmistakeable period features – including its storied entrance, original oak panelling and cosy bar – were the backdrop to Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple: At Bertram’s Hotel. Following the author’s regular visits, the acclaimed Mayfair destination inspired her 1965 novel, so it was only fitting that the property was used as a location for the film in 1987. While Brown’s Hotel has undergone a transformative restoration since becoming a Rocco Forte Hotel, the quintessentially British charm, superlative service and original features depicted in the film remain today – albeit devoid of the sinister atmosphere cultivated by the murder mystery plot.

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