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Travel through the archives of Munich’s prominent filmography and rediscover the Bavarian capital’s verdant charm from all angles, through the lens of some of the world’s most distinguished film directors.  Whether you’re well acquainted with the city or feel inspired to discover more destinations on your doorstep, spark your curiosity with recommendations from our local aficionado and Director of Guest Relations, Claus Banczyk.


Best for… unusual storytelling

Munich: Secrets of a City, directed by Dominik Graf and Michael Althen

This artistically shot tale of city life in Munich combines documentary-style storytelling with acted scenes, bringing to life an essay exploring how the lives of city dwellers often overlap. Munich: Secrets of a City celebrates Munich and reveals secrets of its past and present through a blend of interconnecting stories. The film won several awards at the Locarno International Film Festival (2000), Berlin International Film Festival (2001) and the International Film Festival Rotterdam (2013). 


Best for… iconic cinema

Second Home, directed by Edgar Reitz

The record-breaking Heimat film series by Edgar Reitz needs no introduction; renowned for its extraordinary length and impactful storytelling. His unforgettable tales chronicle Germany’s history through the lives of a small village community, whose inhabitants yearn to expand their horizons. As a Munich resident, Reitz chose to shoot his second film in his hometown to explore the struggles of bohemian city life, friendship and love through the eyes of a young boy who moves to the fictional city of Schabbach to study music.


Best for… comedy

Go for it, Baby, directed by May Spils

This revolutionary comedy tells the story of a romantic couple living in 1960s Munich, and explores the social struggles they encounter in a light-hearted and charming tale.  The film is recognised as one of the most popular comedies in modern German cinema.


Best for… cinematography

Last Year in Marienbad, by Alain Resnais

Renowned French director Alain Resnais and cinematographer Sacha Vierny’s 1961 film Last Year in Marienbad is one of the most aesthetically attractive films of its time. Although the story is set in the Czech resort town of Marienbad, much of the film focuses on the grounds of Munich’s striking gardens and castles, including Unterschleißheim and Nymphenburg.


Best for… gripping storyline

Fear Eats the Soul, directed by Rainer Werner

Munich-based director Rainer Werner Fassbinder was renowned for his iconic filmography. Fear Eats the Soul is set in 1974 and tells the gripping story of a courageous relationship between a woman and her younger lover, exploring interweaving themes of race and class.  


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