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A leading authority on movement and nutrition in the UK, fitness expert Joanna Hall is the woman behind the revolutionary WalkActive method. Author of twelve fitness books and presenter of several fitness DVDs, Joanna’s WalkActive programme is scientifically proven to turbocharge walking speed, alleviate joint stress and transform both posture and body shape. This autumn, Joanna is bringing her 25 years of expertise to Rocco Forte Hotels to offer an exclusive WalkActive package that will allow guests to master the technique in fabulous surroundings. Here, Joanna shares her fitness secrets as well as what guests can expect from the weekend.

What can guests expect on your WalkActive city breaks with Rocco Forte Hotels?

“WalkActive city breaks will be a combination of motivational seminars in the hotel, workouts, informative drills and, of course, plenty of opportunity to get out and about. We’ll make the most of the hotel’s stunning setting, be it the streets of Florence or Arthur’s seat in Edinburgh—you’ll get to cover some distance but also take in cultural landmarks that you might have on your hitlist.”

Why is a trip abroad a good time to try WalkActive?

“It’s a great time to take a moment for yourself and focus on your body’s wellness and wellbeing. We’ll be enjoying the ultra-luxurious settings of a Rocco Forte Hotel, combined with a culturally stimulating environment and great scenery. You’ll not only feel the benefit of WalkActive during your stay; you’ll also experience a significant impact when you return home.”

How important is posture and walking correctly?

“Very important. Posture forms the foundation of everything we do and walking is the basis of every single movement. You wouldn’t think twice about wanting to improve your tennis serve or golf swing, yet we forget how to put one foot in front of the other. When we walk, most of us are not using our muscles in the correct way at the right time, which makes us look and feel older than we really are. WalkActive is about ensuring every step you take is done with complete postural alignment in order to look, feel and perform better.”

How can poor posture impact fitness and health?

“Essentially, it means that the effort you’re putting in won’t reap the desired rewards. Learning and practicing my method means that a normal walk, such as a commute to work, can become an effective body transforming workout.”

What principals underpin your WalkActive method?

“I’m a sports scientist with over 25 years’ experience in the industry, so I’ve used a lot of principles from methods such as Pilates, Alexander Technique and exercise physiology to train the muscles so that they work in a lengthening format and deliver great body shaping techniques.”

What are some of the results that WalkActive participants can expect to see?

“An improvement in your posture, a body that feels lengthened and supple, increased core strength with leaner, flatter abdominals and the ability to walk faster.”

Rocco Forte Hotels’ WalkActive package is available at The Balmoral and Hotel Savoy this October. For reservations, contact The Balmoral +44 131 556 2414 or Hotel Savoy +39 055 27 35 831.

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