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At Rocco Forte Hotels, our little guests as just are important as our big ones. We are delighted to present a selection of endlessly entertaining, bespoke experiences in London for children. Expertly curated by our Fun-Makers-in-Residence at Brown’s, these five adventures are magical moments your family will never forget.

Hamleys For You

In what promises to fulfil every child’s fantasy, our Hamleys For You experience takes families on a private visit to Hamleys. In partnership with the iconic store, we offer families staying in our suites the opportunity to have the entire toy emporium all to themselves for a private shopping experience. You can peruse the shelves away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and delight in your child discovering their new favourite toy.

London Bonanza

This exciting half-day tour gets kids up close and personal with London’s historical highlights. From dancing highwaymen to Sweeny Todd’s barber shop and Roman bath houses, guests will journey through the heart of London with their own private guide and driver to experience the city’s weird and wonderful sights. 

Markets, Mayhem and Street Art

Your teenagers will love this introduction to the trendy areas of Brick Lane and Shoreditch as they set off on the trail of street art by the elusive Banksy and D*Face. The tour will weave though East London’s coolest markets and hotspots to witness art made from spray-paints, potatoes and chewing gum.

Harry Potter London

Budding wizards and witches can journey through Harry Potter’s London from platform 9 ¾ to the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron, Diagon Alley, Black Holes, the Ministry of Magic and much more. Sites covered include Leadenhall Market, King’s Cross and The Australian High Commission.

Jack the Ripper

This spine-chilling experience will give over 12s a thrill walking through East London’s streets at night. The three-hour tour traces the footsteps of the elusive Jack the Ripper to infamous locations, and explores why he was never caught. 

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