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Our Sicilian resort is a favourite summer destination among families and the perfect place for a well-deserved break that brings generations together. From mornings playing by the pool to athletic afternoons at the Sports Academies, there’s plenty to inspire younger guests. But the fun doesn’t stop when summer ends. Verdura Resort’s Head of Guest Relations, Flavia Mazzarini, shares how children and families can make the most of the autumn half term in Sicily.

What makes Verdura Resort such an appealing autumn destination?

“Autumn is a warm and wonderful time for children to enjoy outdoor activities at Verdura Resort. We head out to our orchards to pick oranges, wander the beach hunting special kinds of stones to paint and learn all kinds of outdoor crafts, such as gardening. At Halloween, we organise a big family-friendly party with costumes, trick-or-treating and group games.”

How do you welcome different ages? 

“First impressions count! When they arrive, we present children with special star biscuits prepared by our pastry chef. We used to present teens with chocolate iPhones—impossible in the summer heat!

For smaller children, we arrange special surprises in their room: a mini toothpaste kit, miniature slippers, bathrobes, rubber duckies and, of course, a little plush Verdù, our hedgehog mascot. For families with babies, we provide everything they might need, so there’s no need for them to bring anything.” 

And if parents want to enjoy some time alone?

“We have a nursery in the Kids’ Club. Children are in very safe hands here, and can play musical games, build castles in the sandpit, splash in the children’s pool and recharge in the sleeping room. We can also arrange private babysitting.”

How about for older children?

“Creatives tend to love our arts and crafts: colouring workshops, cooking classes, rock painting and decoupage. They can gift their parents with their homemade souvenirs, too. For more active types, our Academies with the Stars are very popular in the autumn break and this year include rugby with Giambattista Venditti and tennis with Karel Novacek (25-30th October). We also organise Sports Academies with golf, tennis, football and swimming, and our Watersports Club offers everything from snorkelling to fishing and kayaking.

There’s plenty of scope for learning, too. In our Kids’ Club laboratories, young guests can discover more about science, astronomy, the human body, gardening, history, or learn how to cook local specialties, such as pizza and pastries.”

Teenagers can be tough to please. How do you entertain them?

“It’s no secret that teenagers love their phones, so we connect them via a WhatsApp group to create social interaction. 

Then we set up activities such as beach volleyball, table tennis and cycling routes so they can get to know each other and build friendships. It’s really about that first step, introducing them.”

What’s your most popular autumn family excursion?

“Families love our boat excursion along the coast, discovering all the little hidden bays and beaches on the island.”

Any surprises children can look forward to?

“The best surprises are usually for birthdays. We organise parties so children can share this important day with their new friends and family. We take care of every detail: setting up the space, decorating it, inviting their friends.

We bake a birthday cake which looks like a giant macaroon, filled with cream and fruit. If you have a favourite cartoon character, we’ll reproduce it on the cake, along with your name written in chocolate.

Children love staying with us. So much so, that we once spent quite a while trying to locate two little brothers who couldn’t be found on the day of departure! It turns out they’d hidden so they wouldn’t have to leave.”

To book your unforgettable family holiday at Verdura Resort, please email reservations.verdura@roccofortehotels.com or call +39 0925 998001

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