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Frankfurt presents the most important project the city has seen in decades. A groundbreaking development, Frankfurt’s new Old Town, otherwise known as the DomRömer district, has completely transformed the medieval centre of the city, with dazzling results.

Located across the River Main from Villa Kennedy, the new, revitalised neighbourhood is a source of great excitement for locals and visitors alike. Among the most attractive city centres in Germany before WW2 bombing saw it largely destroyed, it was famous for its exquisite medieval architecture and charming timber frame buildings. Now, this pioneering project sees it restored to its former glory, breathing life into the very heart of the city.

Honouring the traditional spirit of Frankfurt, the DomRömer has managed to create a neighbourhood that’s faithful to the area’s original design, while also being perfectly adapted to modern life. As Michael F. Guntersdorf, Managing Director of DomRömer GmbH explains,“as far as technically possible and legally permitted, the original construction was reconstructed. A house that once was built as a timbered house is again constructed as such. Everything that was reconstructed corresponds in detail to the original plans.”

The result is a thriving neighbourhood of residential areas, superb shops and restaurants, artisan workshops and light-flooded squares.

At Villa Kennedy, a similar mix of old and new design is apparent in the four new Signature Suites. Inspired by style icons of the 1960s, the era of the hotel’s namesake, John F. Kennedy, they offer a touch of nostalgia combined with a chic, contemporary feel. Drawing upon the glamour of Jackie O herself, as well Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, each signature suite has its own distinct personality whilst also incorporating traditional artisanal touches.

The perfect base from which to explore Frankfurt’s incredible DomRömer district, the signature suites similarly offer a wonderful blend of old and new.

For Signature Suite reservations or further information please call +49 89 544 555 1430 or email

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