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Perfectly perfumed, creamy and cooling, this lip-smacking basil ice cream recipe from Heinz Beck is the definitive treat to carry you through to autumn. Easy to make and heavenly to eat, serve it at your seasonal al fresco gatherings or eat straight from the tub with a spoon.

INGREDIENTS (makes 50 scoops)

1.5l whole milk

500g double cream

480g egg yolks

300g caster sugar

280g basil

Small punnet of summer blackberries to decorate


1) Carefully boil the milk and double cream in a saucepan over a hob.

2) Whisk the egg yolks and sugar together in a large bowl, adding a little bit of the hot milk to the mixture so it doesn’t seize.

3) Add the blended eggs and sugar mixture to your hot milk then cook to 80 degrees.

4) Cool the mixture then blend the cream with the basil until there are no bits left and it turns a nice pale green colour.

5) Churn in an ice cream maker, or without one, transfer for a 2.75l tub or container and freeze for 3 hours, stirring every 15 minutes until it’s fully set.

6) Scoop and serve with fresh blackberries.

Taste this dish at Heinz Beck’s splendid new restaurant, Beck at Brown’s. To reserve a table, call +44 207 518 4004 or email beckatbrowns@roccofortehotels.com