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The green-fingered mastery of Giuseppe Valadier once again comes to the fore at Hotel de Russie, as we reveal an ornate garden that’s recently been given a fresh lease of life by acclaimed professor and architect Pietro Paolo Lateano.


Giuseppe Valadier’s work can be witnessed all over Rome, perhaps most notably in Piazza del Popolo and the series of staircases and terraces that connect this imposing space to Il Pincio in Villa Borghese’s fragrant gardens. Indeed, Valadier is also the visionary behind the grand designs of Hotel de Russie and, to ensure his legacy lives on, we continue to showcase the full scale of his artistic contribution to the property with the opening of a rejuvenated garden area.


A perfectly preserved 19th century garden

From this summer, we are delighted to invite guests to wander through Le Jardin de Russie’s restaurant terrace and immerse themselves in this ambient garden. With the sunlight streaming through the foliage of centuries-old cypress and citrus trees, exotic palms and carefully tended herbaceous borders, this green oasis combines natural beauty and manmade artistry to dramatic effect.

As guests explore, they’ll find themselves following a sparkling stream of water as it flows through caves, pools and fountains – not only does it make for an enchanting soundtrack to the hotel’s afternoon tea and evening drinks service, it also offers a fine example of the 19th century outdoor aesthetics that so inspired Valadier.

“From the hotel’s pink-red walls to the travertine balustrades and crumbling stone columns that mark out the route of the winding stairs, the hues and pigmentations of these materials blend beautifully with the surrounding greenery,” says Pietro Paolo Lateano. Here he shares more about the process which led to the finished garden.


The restoration of an architectural monument 

“At the start of the project we gathered as much historic information as we could find, including Valadier’s notebooks and original pencil sketches,” says Lateano. These materials revealed his plans for a garden filled with architectural flourishes, tree-lined paths and shaded areas for rest and relaxation, as well as fountains, rocky outcrops and a small waterfall running between three classically inspired nymphaeums.

“However, these elements were concealed by the greenery that had invaded the garden in recent years, so we set about bringing the original features to light, preserving what remained and restoring the space to its former glory,” says Lateano. Using a state-of-the-art scanner and drone technology, the team were able to fully investigate the garden in order to make their design decisions and create what guests may enjoy today.


Discover Valadier’s idyllic garden for yourself as well as the verdant terrace with a stay at Hotel de Russie.

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