In Conversation with the Creative Director of David Morris

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In preparation for our favourite time of year, we present our most glamorous look for the occasion with the help of our festive partner, David Morris. Join us as we peek into the shining world of diamonds with Jeremy Morris, CEO and Creative Director of Mayfair’s most loved family-owned jeweller.

Both Mayfair stalwarts, how do you think Brown’s Hotel and David Morris align?

Only one street apart, Brown’s Hotel and David Morris both champion their British heritage. While each brand has grown considerably since their beginnings, the two are synonymous in still offering luxurious, bespoke experiences to their clientele.

What advice would you give to someone looking to invest in a piece of fine jewellery? What are some key things to consider before buying?

First and foremost, it is important to buy a piece of fine jewellery that you love. Jewellery is an investment that stands the test of time, so I advise purchasing something that transcends generations. David Morris speaks to fashion-minded clients across generations, who like to style their jewellery in various ways.

We started to build on our Fine Jewellery collections around six years ago and one of our key aims was for each piece to look equally as beautiful on its own as it did as part of the collection. We pride ourselves on creating timeless fine jewellery with qualities normally only found in High Jewellery.

You have a lot of beautiful, statement pieces in your high jewellery collection. Which is your favourite piece and how would you style it?

One of my current favourite pieces in High Jewellery is the Monsoon emerald necklace. The Monsoon necklace’s 168 carats of green emeralds are interspersed with shield-shaped, fancy-cut white diamonds which were especially cut for this design. It took over three years to collect all the emeralds due to their size and rarity. The Monsoon necklace has a unique adjustable clasp at the back which means the wearer is free to play around with the length; it can be styled so it sits tightly on the neck for a choker look or lengthened to be more dramatic.

Morris, Jeremy
Only one street apart, Brown’s Hotel and David Morris both champion their British heritage.

David Morris pieces play a starring role in four James Bond films. What do you recommend for capturing that effortlessly chic Bond girl look?

The opulence of the Bond films is perfectly captured by the Vision Necklace. The necklace’s breathtaking combination of over 114 carats of neon-bright Paraiba Tourmaline and deep-blue sapphire has quickly become a house signature. This eye-catching design is a vibrant celebration of 60 years of glorious colour, design ingenuity and technical mastery.

Can you tell our guests about your upcoming collections and pieces?

Look out for the latest additions to one of our most iconic and popular collections – the Rose Cut collection – which adds a contemporary spin to the traditional diamond cut. Additionally, we continually have new unique High Jewellery pieces coming out of the workshop. We’re one of the only jewellers on Bond Street to have retained a working atelier on-site. This point-of-difference allows us to offer access to an incredible level of creativity and skill, which are both essential in the creation of bespoke jewellery.

Intrigued by the bespoke approach to rare gemstones and attention to detail? Join us as we head over to David Morris for an especially sparkling festive celebration.

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