London’s Southbank: a Playground for Grand Family Adventures

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As a grandparent on a family holiday, at some point you may find yourself on childcare duty to allow hard-working parents a moment to themselves – perhaps to slip away for a decadent cocktail at Donovan Bar. During your stay with us at Brown’s Hotel in London, you’re wonderfully placed for an adventure with the little ones. But what to do? Focus your search on one particularly child-friendly area: the Southbank. 

Morning: let's go on an adventure

The journey begins with a quick trip in a black cab from Brown's Hotel in Mayfair, zipping you straight to the Southbank in under 20 minutes. Watch your grandchild's eyes light up as you walk towards the riverside promenade – the perfect place to start the day with a gentle wander along the Thames. Take your time as you scan the water for boats and listen out for the occasional and unexpected squawks of seagulls.

Surprise! Along the way, street performers and musicians pop up like characters in a storybook, offering spellbinding entertainment that can make even grown-ups feel like children again.

Next up: a world of colour and imagination

As the morning sun climbs high, it's time for a creative detour to the Tate Modern. Here, a world of colour awaits you in the form of UNIQLO Tate Play's 'Zero to Infinity' installation. This is art you can touch. Both adults and kids are encouraged to stack and tilt the 400 brightly coloured cubes so your little ones can create towers as high as their dreams. 

Join in and rediscover the thrill of childhood play, as you reshape Rasheed Araeen’s interactive masterpiece. And if the weather permits, 'Shamiyaana IV' is an installation of pavilions where visitors can meet to share food and stories outside The Tate’s soaring facade.

Afternoon: a fantastical performance

After the thrill of creation, it's time for something at the Southbank Centre. Will it be a splash about in fountains which magically appear and disappear? Or maybe pop into ‘REPLAY: A Limitless Recycled Playground’, where kids (and adults) can join the green-themed fun. Perhaps the rhythm of 'The Marvellous Myth Hunter Ceilidh' will have your grandchild clapping and dancing. Or the mischief and mayhem of ‘The Spongebob Musical’ will get you secretly whistling the tunes to yourself on the way home.

Evening: a feast to end the day

As the sun begins to dip, it's time for a culinary adventure at the Southbank Centre Food Market. This is a time to try out new flavours, from Ethiopia, Venezuela and beyond (although cakes are on the menu too). If you’d rather sit down inside, there are family-friendly restaurants too, including Ping Pong for dim sum and Giraffe for burgers, fish and chips and other dishes to put a smile on little faces.

Finally, it's back in the cab to Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair. Time to tuck them into bed – along with their well-refreshed parents.

To help plan your summer holiday, enquire at or phone our concierge desk on +44 20 7493 6020.

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