Match point: the perfect summer pimm's by salvatore calabrese

Rocco Forte Hotels
MAY 31th

Since its creation by James Pimm in 1823, the colourful Pimm's cocktail has become a ubiquitous part of the British summer. Fresh and fruity, it's also de rigueur at popular summer events like the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, where the first Pimm's bar opened in 1971.

Master mixologist Salvatore Calabrese's twist on this classic serve pays homage to the prestigious tournament, incorporating Champagne, berries and a bright strawberry garnish in its honour. Aptly named ‘Match Point’, create this refreshing cocktail at home, or visit the Donovan Bar to sip one crafted by the Maestro himself.

Ingredients (serves one)

30ml Pimm's
20ml Amaro Averna
10ml Crème de Mure
10ml Lemon juice
Champagne to top up 


Gently mix Pimm's, Amaro Averna and Crème de Mure together in a glass

Add the lemon juice and stir

Pour the mixture into a coupette glass and top up with a touch of Champagne

Garnish with a strawberry