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When it comes to making a New Year’s resolution, you can rest assured that transforming your swing will be high on the list of many golfers eager to improve their performance on the course.

From driving it further, hitting it straighter or chipping it closer and playing jaw-dropping, Phil Mickelson-esque lob shots, we all aspire to greater things on the fairways.

And Verdura Resort has the perfect solution for players eager to hone their techniques, after taking golf-swing analysis to new heights with the recent opening of its European Tour Performance Institute.

The first golf venue in Italy and only the third in the world to open such a facility, players of all abilities have the unique opportunity to practice, learn and improve under Sicilian skies using tools and techniques developed by the European Tour’s medical and performance specialists.

Whether you’re an aspiring amateur or seasoned professional, you can take advantage of cutting-edge technology at the resort usually only on offer to Tour players, with Trackman, 4D Motion and SAM PuttLab all available.

Our team of professional coaches are all expertly trained to use this technology, and will guide each individual through a series of detailed screenings and analyses to precisely pinpoint areas that require improvement. Together with players, they’ll then craft bespoke solutions ranging from shoe fitting advice to fitness and physiotherapy sessions and technique adjustment to ensure short and long-term improvement.


The simplest, most accurate 3D swing and ball flight analysis tool available, Trackman’s doppler radar can measure any shot accurate to less than one foot at 100 yards. Using data derived from the collision of club and ball, it calculates an explanation for the ball’s trajectory in any shot, be it a six-foot pitch or a 400-yard drive.

Our coaches will use Trackman to fit clubs as well as analyse swing, impact and trajectory, to ensure we can recommend the ideal equipment as well as optimise players’ launch angles, swing speed, smash factor and spin rate.

Trackman offers another benefit: this state-of-the-art simulation technology renders golf a year-round sport, meaning players can enjoy our nine or 18-hole courses indoors, whatever the weather.

4D Motion

Featuring sensors smaller than a poker chip, the innovative wireless 3D Full Body and Club Motion Capture system shows players’ movements in full 3D for instant data analysis. Players may then review a 3D visualisation of their setup and swing, even comparing swings via an overlay, to help improve posture, position and technique.

SAM PuttLab

This detailed analytics technology will revolutionise players’ putting strokes and improve their ability to place the ball online and control distance when rolling.

Book your golfing stay at Verdura Resort to take advantage of our state-of-the-art technology and designer courses. Email reservations.verdura@roccofortehotels.com or call +39 06 32 888 630.

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