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The rise of smart technology, apps and online travel guides has seen a decrease in demand for the hotel concierge, but we’ve curated some of the elements which make these dedicated personalities irreplaceable.


Discretion and etiquette
In dealing with high-profile personalities, a concierge is key to arranging discreet entrances, exits and transfers. For those traveling on business and unfamiliar with local customs, the concierge can assist in navigating social codes, nuances and regional etiquette.


“I’ve often arranged for VIP entrances and exits, within the hotel and at popular sites. I had the Colosseum stay open an extra 2 hours after closing for a very important guest... And I once snuck a very famous American actor out of the hotel, hidden in my car under my dog's blanket!”
Alexandra Sardo, Head Concierge at Hotel de la Ville


Access and reservations
A concierge is the difference between a generic experience and an exceptional one. From their coveted black book of connections, a concierge is able to offer privileged access to key landmarks; behind-the-scenes tours of local palaces, halls or theatres; last-minute tickets to sold-out shows; and introductions to prestigious personages.


“Thanks to a special relationship with Brussels Town Hall, I can help guests get access to exclusive areas overlooking the Grand Place, not usually open to the public.”
Marc Neuville, Head Concierge at Hotel Amigo


Insight and recommendations
A concierge is also a great first-hand source of knowledge about cultural activities and attractions. A website might tell you what’s on at the theatre, but your concierge will have seen the show, know when to catch the best performance and where to sit for the best view. Unlike a website or app, our concierges are always up to date. If there’s something you need to know about a local exhibition, attraction, restaurant or holiday, they’re your first port of call.


“Not only am I able to procure tickets for sold-out shows - even at very short notice - I am always more than delighted to recommend an opera, theatre performance or exhibition to suit your tastes.”
Christian Blauwart, Concierge at Hotel Amigo


Problem solving
Our concierges do what they do because they believe in making your stay a pleasure, and that means keeping things seamless. Whether you’ve lost an item or document, your flights have been cancelled, you urgently need something that’s tricky to procure or plans have changed last-minute, your experienced concierge will stop at nothing to sort it out, assisting you with any bureaucracy along the way.


“A royal's luggage was misplaced en route from London to Paris via the Eurostar. The bags ended up being sent to Brussels instead of his final destination, Paris. He needed them urgently, so we arranged for someone to collect them from London (sent from Brussels) and drive them overnight to him in Paris.”
David Young, Head Concierge at Brown’s Hotel


Celebration and personalisation
From romantic proposals to birthday surprises, special itineraries to delight fans of particular architectural, operatic, historic or culinary movements, don’t hesitate to reach out to your concierge. However niche your request, there’s always a way to exceed expectations, often with the assistance of local businesses or insider contacts.


“I once arranged for a small airplane to pass in front of the seafront restaurant where a couple was having lunch. The airplane was trailing a sign saying "Lucy, will you marry me?"... I do hope she said yes!”
Alexandra Sardo, Head Concierge at Hotel de la Ville


“We once had a guest who was both a dedicated historian and military enthusiast. For him, we arranged a day tour by private jet to Normandy.”
David Young, Head Concierge at Brown’s Hotel

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