Relax the Roman Way

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The Eternal City, bustling metropolis of narrow cobbled arteries and world-famous antiquities, operates at a frenetic pace. Navigating its notoriously busy streets, you may be surprised to find pockets of peace in quiet corners all over the city.

On a quest to uncover tranquil gardens, secluded ruins and Roman-style spas, allow us to help you transition from manic to mindful on a wonderfully restorative city break in the Italian capital.

Rome’s Secret Gardens

What better way of capturing a sense of inner peace and contentment than by seeking out tranquil spots in which you can reconnect with nature?

Imagine strolling through walkways shaded by towering trees, with the sweet smell of orange blossom wafting in the air as you watch the sun set over the Roman skyline. Experience all of this on an amble up Aventine Hill, one of the seven hills on which Ancient Rome was built, to Giardino degli Aranci, 15 minutes drive south of Hotel de la Ville. Lined with orange trees, this quiet oasis offers a sweeping panorama of the entire city including the dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Wander through the spiritual Vatican Gardens, admiring cacti, fountains and sculptures, pausing to capture the bucolic scene on camera. With only a limited number of tickets on offer daily, you are never overwhelmed by crowds and our Concierge can help with advance bookings. Amid the hushed quiet, you’ll find it hard to believe the Vatican City is just below.  

Continuing your tour of papal gardens, take a short journey by rail or car southeast to Castel Gandolfo where the official summer residence of Pope Francis is open to visitors. Drift along the paths through symmetrical plant beds while spotting clues of intriguing Italian history and culture embedded all around the gardens, from the artistry of the sculpture of Neptune’s pool to the remains of the Villa of Domitian.

Crowd-free Roman Ruins

Returning to the Eternal City, you could spend all day working through a check-list of the best-known sites and still not discover all of the city’s antiquities. For a peaceful ode to ancient Rome, explore Ara Pacis, the ‘Altar of Augustan Peace’, a 10-minute stroll from Hotel de Russie. In the calming cool of the marble floored museum, close inspection of the ornately sculpted altar reveals the story of Augustus, the city’s first emperor whose leadership brought unprecedented peace.

Adjacent, you’ll find the emperor’s final resting place, the Mausoleum of Augustus, labelled “a jewel of humanity’s heritage” by the mayor of Rome after being restored and revamped in 2021. Exploring this less well known site, remarkably devoid of crowds, you’ll marvel at the largest circular tomb in the world, twice the circumference of St Peter's dome.

Relax, you’re in Rome

Tapping into the thermal principles the ancient Roman baths were founded on, Hotel de la Ville’s Irene Forte Spa is our special retreat in the centre of the city where you can focus on restoring mind, body and soul. If you need to boost energy levels or are struggling to sleep, discover the revitalising benefits of halotherapy in the Spa’s Mediterranean salt room. 

Feel the metabolism and immune system benefits of contrasting heat with cold when you step into the foot baths or sauna followed by a cold plunge pool or refreshing ice fountain. Our range of time-honoured rituals includes facials and nourishing body treatments to tone and, most importantly, aid relaxation when you’re in Rome.

To ensure complete serenity on your Roman retreat at Hotel de Russie email or call +39 0632 8881. Alternatively, escape to Hotel de la Ville, our peaceful retreat at the top of the Spanish Steps, by emailing or calling +39 0697 7931.

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