Rest, Revive and Restore – A Wellness Weekend in Munich

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With the past two difficult years we’ve collectively experienced behind us, it’s never been more important to take care of our mind, body and soul – and where better to recuperate and revive your inner calm than in Bavaria? 

With its wealth of geothermal hot springs and charming spa towns, Bavaria in southern Germany is famed for its healing, mineral-rich waters, and The Charles Hotel in Munich, with its award-winning spa, offers the perfect base for a restorative wellness weekend.

An Urban Oasis in Munich

Located in the heart of Munich, The Charles Spa is frequently named as the best in the city. Deeply relaxing treatments use the nourishing oils of Irene Forte skincare products, all handmade in Italy using ingredients from our organic farm at Verdura Resort on the island of Sicily.

An oasis of calm, the spa’s peaceful ambience is enhanced by sensorial coral artwork, which covers the walls, casting meditative reflections across the spa's indoor pool. A workout in the gym offers views of the pool via floor-to-ceiling windows. Step into the steam room and drift into a cloud of comforting heat where you can also enjoy the added benefits of colour therapy and aromatherapy.

The Healing Waters of Therme Erding

A 30-minute drive north east of The Charles Hotel, Therme Erding also harnesses the healing power of high temperatures. As Europe's largest thermal spa, this health centre was created after the mineral-rich, subterranean Ardeo spring was discovered in 1980.

Naturally heated between 26°C and 38°C, the waters are heavy with fluoride, potassium, magnesium and calcium, flowing into every one of Therme Erding’s 34 pools, from private hot tubs to open-air hydrotherapy. With its slides and chutes, it's ideal for families who want to spend time together. The spa is the place to go for the regenerative effects of saunas and steam rooms, complemented by a meditation pool and sulphur tubs – perfect for treating a range of skin conditions.


Lakeside respite in Tegernsee

Most of Munich heads to the lakes in the height of summer, cooling off in the mountain waters. Monte Mare See sauna spa is nestled by the lake in Tegernsee, an hour's drive south of The Charles Hotel. It combines incredible views with a succession of saunas – including a floating cabin on a vintage boat. Feeling zen has never been more relaxing.

At Monte Mare Seesauna nature is your healer, dip in and out of saunas heated to different temperatures, or drift in a whirlpool and steam while exfoliating with salt. After a sauna session, take a refreshing dip in Tegernsee lake then recline on a lounger surrounded by the dramatic beauty of the mountains – snow-capped in colder months.  

An Authentic Aufguss

For an authentically German spa experience, make an appointment with the Aufgussmeister – the person in charge of Aufguss, or sauna infusions – available at both Therme Erding and Monte Mare Seesauna.

Treating spa lovers to a uniquely warm welcome, the c sounds a gong before dispensing water over hot stones, casting spirals of steaming heat into the air. The flag-waving sauna master then wafts scents of eucalyptus, citrus, sage or peppermint around the smouldering sauna, as you listen to rousing folk or rock songs.


Tune into yourself, turn on your senses and drop out via a blissfully revitalising weekend in Munich which starts by calling on our Concierge who’ll arrange your restorative stay at The Charles Hotel and book directly with The Charles Spa by emailing or calling +49 8954 4555 1160.

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