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Is there any more romantic city than St Petersburg? In winter, the city glistens white, with flashes of colour peeking out from the snow-capped onion domes of the churches, while in summer, the pastel-hued palaces shine brightly against the glittering waters of the city’s rivers and canals.


The grand, neo-classical splendour of the Hotel Astoria situated in the centre of St Petersburg on St Isaac’s Square and close to the Mokya river is elegantly romantic and the perfect base to explore the rest of the city.


The river Neva is the flowing heart of the city, lined with some of St Petersburg’s most important buildings and intersected with elegant canals, each with their own historical story to tell. Explore the opening bridges, such as the Liteynyy and Dvortsoyy bridges that frame the centre of St Petersburg.


Renowned for its striking architecture, St Petersburg is also famed for its beautiful parks—from the Botanical Garden of Peter the Great (the oldest of its kind in the world) to the riverside Summer Garden, designed in the French-style, interspersed with sculptures and framed by the Fontanka river, which is undoubtedly one the most romantic in the city. Sitting at the mouth of the Neva is Yelagin Island, home to Kirov Central Park and the perfect place for a picnic looking out over the Gulf of Finland. In the winter you can even grab some skates and take a twirl around one of their two ice rinks.


Then, to seriously impress, dine with a view. Floor 41 is one of the highest restaurants in Europe, 145m up with spectacular views out over the Gulf of Finland and the sparkling waterways below, and offering an exciting fusion menu to graze on. Alternatively, visit Barashki restaurant, whose views over St Isaac’s golden dome and the surrounding cityscape give it undeniable wow factor. Or for something truly special, the Hotel Astoria’s eponymous restaurant gives a real flavour of the best of Russian cuisine.


If height is your thing, there’s nothing quite like a helicopter tour over St Petersburg. Gazing out over the elegant colours stretching out below, with the rivers and canals snaking through the city to freedom, this is a wonderfully romantic way to spend an afternoon.


For a truly unforgettable romantic break in St Petersburg spend a couple of days at Hotel Astoria with that special someone in your life. To book your stay contact or call +7 812 494 5757.

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