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Untouched for millennia, the southwestern Sicilian coastline’s ruggedly beautiful form hides some of the Mediterranean’s finest beaches. Perfect to escape the crowds, these secret beaches are home to local wildlife, sparklingly aquamarine water, and expanses of pristine sand and are all easily reached from Verdura Resort. 


Scala dei Turchi

A 40km drive from Verdura, Scala dei Turchis sits at the base of a dramatic rocky cliff. Over the centuries the scorching Mediterranean sun has bleached the limestone and marl to a brilliant white, juxtaposed against the turquoise sea. Braver visitors have been known to launch themselves off the rocks into the crystalline waters while the less intrepid float in the gently lapping waves.


Capo San Marco

Capo San Marco sits in a quiet bay close to the port town of Sciaccia. The narrow beaches and shallow waters are perfect for families with small children seeking to paddle, and the little village nearby is great for a quick bite to eat.  



Sovareto, 20 minutes east of Sciacca, is a charming little beach set against a backdrop of wild Mediterranean plants, from olives to agave.  Ideal for couples and families there are plenty of rocks to make snorkelling interesting, while a nearby café can supply something to eat and some water.


Portopalo di Menfi

45 minutes from Verdura Resort lies the seaside hamlet of Portopalo di Menfi, where you’ll find the tucked away Solette beach. In town, visitors can watch the local fishermen go about their everyday work, while out in the countryside, make sure to explore the rugged and unspoilt golden sands of the Belice River Reserve at Casello.


Torre Salsa

Set between Agrigento and Sciacca is the 740-hectare nature reserve of Torre Salsa. Looked down on by the Pantano tower, the reserve has been lived in since the Byzantine era. Now the home of a diverse selection of birds and animals, the unspoilt landscape reaches the sea in a series of sandy beaches. The crystal-clear waters are teeming with life, including some beautiful sea turtles.


Eraclea Minoa

At the westernmost part of Torre Salsa is the idyllic Eraclea Minoa. Legend has it the town was founded by Cretan king Minos as a staging post to find Daedalus after his escape from Crete. Today, alongside the impressive, ancient remains of an amphitheatre, the small coastal town’s cypress groves, sandy beaches and cerulean waters make it perfect for a day trip.


Borgo Bonsignore

Found 18km from Verdura Resort, this rural village is full of historical charm, rolling vineyards and a stretch of powdered sand. Take a moment to dip your toes in the azure waters of Foce del Fiume Platani, Borgo Bonsignore’s nature reserve and explore some of Sicily’s best-preserved natural habitats.


Bovo Marina

Set close to the bucolic farming village of Montallegro, Bovo Marina is surrounded by vineyards, and olive and almond orchards. Walk through the nature reserve to reach the sandy beaches, framed against the pine forested backdrop and sparkling waters that are filled with flitting fishes and marine life.


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