Silk, Style and Sleep: in conversation with Ella Ringner

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With a keen eye for creative designs and bold patterns, it’s only natural that Brown’s Hotel has fallen completely for the unique prints and comforting touch of luxury British sleepwear brand, YOLKE. To celebrate this new partnership with YOLKE we met with Ella Ringner, CEO and founder, to delve into her creative process, find out what fashion trends she loves and, most importantly, gain insights into her night-time rituals..

What do you think about the trend of wearing pyjamas out and about during the day?

Our pyjamas are made of a unique silk blend with just a hint of stretch, which means the seams move with you and the garments don’t crease. They are perfect for wearing day-to-day tucked into jeans or over a cotton tee.

Our designs are wardrobe staples for all styles using modern and effortless silhouettes.  We aim to combine looks with comfort, without compromising on quality or aesthetics. At every step of our design process, we envision the women who will wear our pieces which is why our prints can be both bold and beautiful, but also subtle with a simple colour block or even the new neutral: leopard print!


How do you personally unwind and ensure a restful night of sleep? 

I love to have a bath with essential oils, candles and silence; a precious moment of calm at the end of the day. I exfoliate, cleanse, moisturise and put on my favourite cotton jacquard pyjamas. I love the feel of the fabric on my skin which is why I always go back to them! I see so much print day to day that the simple but thoughtfully made white cotton pair is perfect for me. 

When I  put my phone away and read a few pages of a book, I know I’ll sleep well. I think my superpower is the ability to fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow.


What are your inspirations behind the intricate prints on your sleepwear? Can you give us a few clues as to what you’re currently developing?

I look at a lot of historical textiles when working on collections, often focusing on a specific period in time. For Autumn 2022 through to Winter 2023, we are looking at costumes throughout history from the ballet to the circus; it's playful and incredibly beautiful.


We adore the LiTTLE YOLKE collection. Do you seek approval on the designs from your own children?

LiTTLE YOLKE was born after I had my daughter, Scarlet. I felt nostalgic for those moments I shared with my own mother during family holidays or the night before Christmas or Easter when I’d wear a special pair of pyjamas that she’d gifted to me to wake up in. A lot of my powerful memories as a child feature a favourite item of clothing or a memory of the colour or scent of a fabric. 

My children love matching outfits with me but they specifically love our fun prints such as the prowling leopard and other animal themes because they can not only play dress up in them, they can sleep comfortably too.

As Lydia and Irene Forte are the latest YOLKE girls can you tell us a little bit about who you feel YOLKE girls are?

The idea of YOLKE girls was created as a celebration of women whose personality and attitude to life inspire us as a brand. The focus of our collections is mood-boosting clothes that make you smile when you look at yourself in the mirror. Our designs hope to make women with all styles feel confident and their most fashionable selves.


Brown’s has partnered with YOLKE to curate a blissful two-night experience, where you’ll be able to enjoy your own luxurious silk eye mask, a relaxing treatment at  The Spa and luxurious organic products by Irene Forte Skincare. To book or for more information get in touch at or phone at +44 (0)20 7493 6020.

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