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Before you book your next family holiday, consider our range of Family Experiences, gathered through twenty years of organising memorable family holidays. Every experience has been rigorously tested by our Rocco Forte families with each one scoring highly for fun!

Our Family Experiences are designed around two age groups:  ‘Kids’ – energetic little ones aged between four and 12 years old, and ‘Teenagers’ – inquisitive teens. Read on to find an experience that’ll pique your family’s interests.


Brussels – Hotel Amigo

Kids: Tintin Experience

“How's your thirst for adventure, Captain?” asks Tintin. “Unquenchable” Captain Haddock replies. If your cartoon fans enjoy adventures, take them to Brussels to see a new exhibition devoted to the Belgian comic book hero. Enjoy a full immersion into his world and stay in the only Tintin Suite in existence.

Teenagers: European Parliament for Teenagers

Curious teens with a thirst for politics can pull up a seat at the centre of power in Europe. Budding politicians can embark on a deep dive into the mechanics of government. They’ll discover how laws are made, the challenges ahead, and why European politics matter.


Rome – Hotel de Russie

Kids: Explora - The Museum for children

Everything is child-sized at Explora, a play town where young visitors can let their natural curiosity run wild. Touch, interaction and experimentation are encouraged as they explore the world around them. The mysteries of nature, communication and new technologies are revealed through observation, touch and experiments, all with the aid of expert helpers.

Teenagers: The Glory of Gladiators

Rome. The home of the gladiators. Imagine the clash of metal on metal. Feel the thrill of hand-to-hand combat. Discover the lives of the gladiators with expert instructors who’ll reveal the history of ancient weaponry, rituals and battles. Step into the gladiators’ leather sandals, try on their armour, have a go at sword fighting, and imagine the roar in The Coliseum.


Puglia – Masseria Torre Maizza

Kids: Indiana Park Adventures

Enjoy an action-packed day outdoors for the whole family at Indiana Park – our chefs at Masseria Torre Maizza will create a delicious picnic to fuel your highwire adventure. From zip-lining and obstacle courses, there’s something to entertain and amuse all ages and all levels, from beginner to highwire flyer.

Teenagers: Go Karting

Rev up your engines for an exhilarating go-karting experience. Challenge your family to a miniature grand prix at a go karting course with spectacular sea views, just moments from our hotel in Puglia. Channel your inner Lewis Hamilton, put your foot down and aim for the fastest lap.

Florence – Hotel Savoy

Kids: Pinocchio Live Experience 

Children's curiosity about the puppet who became a real boy will be fascinated by this immersive journey, with spectacular photo sets, characters, games and stories. They’ll go on a wonderfully interactive experience with a creative workshop and treasure hunt where rewards await.

Teenagers: Parco Avventura- tree Experience

Tarzan roar as you zip along adventure trails and rope bridges among the cypress trees in the Fiesole hills, just five minutes from Hotel Savoy in Florence. Feel the rush of air as you swing through the trees, leap into the void and navigate narrow aerial pathways high up in the trees. Immersed in an enchanting Tuscan forest, it’s the ideal day out for adventurous families.


Sicily – Villa Igiea

Kids: Discover the Puppet heritage of Palermo

Delve into the world of puppetry with a magical day of storytelling in Palermo’s Puppet Opera, recognised by UNESCO for its significant cultural heritage. We’ve pulled some strings so you can meet and learn from master puppeteer Salvatore Bumbello. Combined with a treasure hunt around the city, it’s the perfect family day out for little ones who think all the world’s a stage.

Teenagers: Hunting for Treasure

Select one of three trails across Palermo, and solve clues and riddles to discover the treasures of Sicily’s beautiful capital. Stories of art and history are held in the grand cathedral and Quattro Canti square. You’ll meet artisans in their studios and join an art workshop. Wander through outdoor markets, see Italy’s largest theatre, or admire a 19th century Chinese Palace – treasures waiting to be discovered.


Sicily – Verdura Resort

Kids: Hitting the Sweet Spot

In the 1500s, the nuns of the Convent of Martorana in Palermo discovered that they would receive a special visit from the king. To surprise him, they created little desserts that looked like fruit to hang from trees to impress him. Your little one can don their chef’s hat and help our expert pastry chefs prepare this heavenly dessert, worthy of a king.

Teenagers: Go Karting

Unique in Sicily, and just a few minutes from Verdura Resort, this go kart track has a high tech display board at its centre so you can see the progress of the race as it happens. Embrace the competitive spirit as you speed around the 800 metre long track and check how you’re doing as the computerised timing system measures your laps. It’s one of our guests’ favourite family outings in Sicily.

Learn, explore and maximise the fun on your next family holiday with our Rocco Forte Family Experiences. Don’t forget to join Rocco Forte Kids, your passport to child-friendly activities designed around our junior guests.

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