Sun-Kissed Adventures: Verdura Resort’s Family Activities

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Sicily in the summer is idyllic. Where blue skies meet the shimmering Mediterranean, and the air is scented with citrus and wild herbs. Verdura Resort, cradled within this golden landscape, offers a perfect backdrop for a memorable family holiday. Here, the rhythms of island life blend with bespoke experiences designed to delight every member of the family. Try a horseback adventure along fragrant trails, cook authentic Italian dishes, or ace your serve under the sun’s warmth. Explore our top five family activities at Verdura Resort. 

Verdura Resort on Horseback

Picture a leisurely ride through lush lemon groves, their zesty scent mingling with the rhythmic steps of the horse beneath you. Suitable for riders of all abilities, families can explore the resort’s grounds on horseback, with groups of up to four. Meander through citrus farms, almond groves and vegetable gardens, as the chalky trail leads you to spectacular coastal views. With friendly ponies for the little ones, this wholesome experience invites you to appreciate peaceful moments in nature, alongside your loved ones.

Sporting Academies with the Stars

For the young and energetic, Verdura Resort’s Sporting Academies with the Stars offers your child the chance to refine their skills with the guidance of professional coaches. Whether mastering their forehand on immaculate tennis courts or improving their swimming strokes in crystal-clear waters, our weekly workshops cater to children aged six and above, covering football, basketball, rugby, padel, and karate.

Cooking Classes

Sicilian cuisine becomes an interactive adventure in the sunlit kitchen of Casetta nell’Orto - the cottage in our organic vegetable garden - where families gather around the freshest local ingredients: hand-picked greens, vibrant oranges, and plump olives. Craft the perfect pizza or discover the secrets of Sicilian pastries in sessions that offer an insightful glimpse into the resort’s farm-to-fork philosophies and a delicious taste of the island’s rich culinary heritage.


Masters of Ceramics 

The art of ceramics is woven into the fabric of Sicilian culture, and Verdura Resort invites you to explore this tradition firsthand. Guided by local artisans, learn hand-building and decoration techniques, transforming simple clay into beautiful, personalised creations. With the turquoise Mediterranean glinting in the distance, these tactile workshops blend learning and leisure, evoking a sense of child-like pleasure for all ages. Take home a treasured keepsake from your Sicilian adventure. 

Painting Lab

For those with a creative flair, the painting lab offers a canvas for artistic exploration. Guided by local artists, parents and children sit side by side, immersed in vibrant colours and intricate techniques. As balmy breezes drift through the sun-drenched studio, find inspiration in the rolling Sicilian hills and glittering seascapes, bringing your canvas to life. This shared artistic journey offers a unique way to bond and create lasting, hand-painted memories. 

This summer, escape to the sugary shores of Sicily and discover a wide range of family-friendly activities at Verdura Resort

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