The Best Golf Clubs You’ve Probably Never Heard of

Rocco Forte Hotels

As a friend of Rocco Forte Hotels, we think it’s fair to say you enjoy the finer things in life and that likely extends to everything that makes it into your golf bag.

While there are a few manufacturers dominating the golf club market, here we look at a premium, handcrafted product from Japan, a country that is known for its fine handcrafting skills and workmanship.  

At Verdura Resort, our acclaimed chefs believe in selecting the finest produce the island of Sicily has to offer and it’s no different for the engineers at VEGA Golf. The first collection of golf irons was produced by an expert craftsman who learnt his trade in Kobe – a city renowned for metal works, and the finest Samurai swords in Japan. VEGA harnessed his unique craft to create golf clubs of unmatched quality, from the very first range they launched years ago. Since then, they have continued to source the purest materials and leading manufacturing processes from all corners of the globe, with a relentless pursuit of excellence we admire.

VEGA’s new Mizar and Mizar Pro irons have just left the factory and promise to be their finest collection of irons to date and an ideal match for Italy’s number one golf resort. 

Donato Di Ponziano, golf development manager at Verdura Resort, said: “VEGA is a company that prides itself on quality and delivering the best possible products in everything they do. It is a concept that is the same as the one you’ll find in our golf offering at Verdura.”