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An exciting, fun-filled occasion, the Edinburgh Festival is the perfect excuse to plan a family escape to the Scottish capital. Perfect for kids of all ages, Louis Pearl’s weird and wonderful bubble show has been delighting festival audiences for over a decade. As he prepares for another summer of shows, he shares his top tips for enjoying the Edinburgh Festival with kids.

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind your Amazing Bubble Man show?

“I started out as a toy inventor and my first toy made big bubbles, so I had to demonstrate it. Eventually, I learned to do a lot of tricks like square bubbles, centipedes and spaceships, and as the toy company grew, my demonstrations turned into shows. I sold the toy business in 2002 and now I just get to do the shows.”

You tour all over the world with your show, what makes Edinburgh so special?

“I got my lucky break doing theatre shows in Edinburgh, and it’s still the only place I get to do a whole month of shows in the same venue. I have now spent 12 Augusts here—a year of Augusts! I also love having the chance to see all the other shows and be surrounded by so many incredible performing artists.”

Why do you think your show has been so successful at the Fringe Festival?

“People love bubbles... and no one has ever imagined the kinds of bubbles I create. So, it takes people to a whole new level of bubble love!”

What can families expect from your show at the festival?

“Lots of laughs, lots of thrills (hopefully no spills!) and an hour of good fun.”

What do you think are the best ways to help children get the most out of the festival?

“Take them to shows that are really appropriate for their age and interests. I’m lucky, because bubbles are universally appropriate.”

What are some of your favourite family-friendly things to do in Edinburgh?

“I recommended heading to the Meadows, where you’ll find the Underbelly’s Circus Hub, home to some fantastic circus acts. Of course, the amazing street performers all over the city are unmissable, too.”

To experience the magic of Edinburgh Festival this August, email or call +44 131 556 2414.

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