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Move over, vodka, there’s a new spirit in town. Over the last few years, gin’s popularity has exploded in the UK, with artisanal brands and micro-distilleries popping up across the country. Now, the juniper-based spirit is making waves in Russia, with Hotel Astoria’s Lichfield Bar pioneering St Petersburg’s gin revolution.

With an alluring new menu of globally sourced gins, the glamorous Lichfield Bar will take discerning sippers on an extraordinary journey through juniper notes and aromatics. The scintillating collection of premium international gins is presented at the guest’s table upon a bespoke gin trolley, and served with a perfectly paired tonic and garnish.

Why gin?

But what is it about gin that has catapulted the spirit into the limelight, both in Russia and beyond? Its resurgence is in part due to its versatility. With juniper as its base, gin can be infused with all manner of herbs, spices, citrus and floral notes. These different flavour combinations lend themselves perfectly to cocktails or, for the connoisseur, to be sipped neat or paired with complementary tonics.

“There is no ‘correct’ way to enjoy gin,” explains Johannes Rasmus, Hotel Astoria’s Director of Food and Beverages. “In order to really understand its flavour, it is better to take it neat; and if one wants to enjoy the flavour explosion that comes from a variety of ingredients, there are endless combinations—try them until you find your preferred one.”

A trend that’s here to stay

Proving gin’s popularity sees no sign of abating, double-digit volume growth has been reported in the UK over the past three years—up 19% in volume and 23% in value in the last 12 months alone. Recognising the spirit’s burgeoning international appeal and delicious possibilities, Hotel Astoria is committed to raising its profile in Russia.

To reserve a table at the Lichfield Bar or enquire about its new gin menu call +7 812 494 51 37

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