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A collage of heritage and modernity, Berlin’s neoclassical façades rub shoulders with great behemoths of glass and steel interspersed with contemporary sculpture. At the heart of this eclectic skyline is The Rooftop at Hotel de Rome. Lavender-framed, with sweeping belvederes over the Bebelplatz and central Berlin, this tranquil haven is an ideal space for both scenic intimate toasts and exclusive gatherings with a view.  

Those gazing out, cocktail in hand, can take in the entirety of the Bebelplatz, from the Corinthian columns of the Humboldt University Library to the Italianate blush stucco of the Berlin State Opera. On the opposite side of the square, Humboldt University glows amber in the wash of the winter sun. 

Meanwhile, the oxidised copper dome of St. Hedwig’s Cathedral, Berlin’s first post-Reformation Catholic church, neighbours Hotel de Rome’s roof terrace. Its arresting turquoise hue eloquently echoes the verdigris caps of Berlin Cathedral, also visible from The Rooftop. 

Keep an eye out for the city’s major cultural institutions, from the German Historical Museum to the Altes, Neues and Pergamon Museums. The Rooftop’s exceptional vista is dramatically punctuated by the towering needle of Alexanderplatz’ Fernsehturm and the prominent spire of St. Mary’s Church. 

This winter, from 29th November to 22nd December, enjoy the city-wide panorama with a visit to our Rooftop Winter Lounge. Each evening from 5pm to 10pm, our roof terrace will be aglow with twinkling lights and the spirited conversations of our guests. Beneath a canopy of lanterns, enjoy a glass of home-brewed mulled wine or a flute of Champagne, served with a delectable array of wintry snacks, all while keeping cosy beneath a blanket. The stunning assemblage of Berlin’s state buildings, lit up in rose-gold lights against the dark winter beyond, are an extraordinary backdrop. 

To book your stay at Hotel de Rome and experience our Rooftop Winter Lounge, please email or call +49 30 460 609 1430.

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