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Sicily’s idyllic coastline, volcanic landscape and azure shoreline are best experienced on foot. Nestled in the South-West corner of Sicily, Verdura Resort is perfectly placed for leisurely strolls exploring nearby seaside towns and enjoying a wonderfully scenic stretch of coastline.


We are delighted to welcome guests to experience our luxurious new Rocco Forte Private Villas from spring 2021, nestled in the resort’s olive groves and striking shoreline, providing the perfect base for outdoor adventures and a refreshing change of scenery for groups and families. Read on to discover our selection of wonderful walks in Sicily.

Vendicari Nature Reserve
Car journey from Verdura Resort: 2 hrs 15 min
Best for… birdwatching

Worth the journey, this serene route along the reserve’s boardwalk is perfect for a leisurely yet rewarding walk for all levels - from beginners to ambling couples, families and most of all; birdwatchers. Taking you south of Syracuse, the trail weaves through the reserve’s raised walkway, inhabited by a host of avian wildlife including pretty pink flamingos, storks and a variety of migratory birds. Once you’ve passed through the grassy marshes, you’ll approach the historic remains of a tuna fish farm and an ancient tower. This pretty walking route concludes at Calamosche Beach, a peaceful bay protected by rocky coves, and the perfect spot to enjoy a lunchtime picnic followed by an afternoon of dozing on the beach or exploring the seabed with your snorkel.


Valley of the Temples and the Garden of the Kolymbetra
Car journey from Verdura Resort: 1 hr
Best for… centuries-old olive groves and Ancient Greek chambers

This exquisite ancient garden is lined with picturesque olive trees and gently scented orange blossoms, nestled in the heart of Valley of the Temples. Amble through this revered archaeological and agricultural site to uncover its extraordinary wealth of Sicilian heritage, which tells the story of the Akragas through its preserved Ancient Greek hypogea. Discovered and excavated around 2,500 years ago, the garden and its Greek chambers are a delight for every sense.


Verdura coastline trek
Best for... unearthing the secret history of Verdura’s coastline

Explore Verdura Resort’s striking 6.3km coastline on a guided or self-guided trek, unearthing the region’s historical sites, including an ancient tower built in the late 1500s by the Duke of Verdura to protect the region’s precious sugar plantation from pirate invasions from North Africa. Under the sea, a forgotten trading port dating back to Ancient Roman times, and the remains of the commercial town of Alava, which was destroyed by a Tsunami in 365AD, are still visible on the coastline. Continue up the hill to our spectacular viewing point, where the whole resort’s striking scenery unfolds before you, and explore our prized organic, zero-mileage vegetable garden recognised by the Società Agricola, as well as orange, lemon, olive and almond trees, picking fresh ingredients as you go. On your return journey you’ll pass the Verdura Stazione, which was built in 1923 and connected Agrigento with Castelvetrano, passing through Sciacca, and was largely used to transport produce to other parts of Sicily.

The longer version of this trek covers 7.6 km, taking you down Verdura River bank and down the wild coastline, passing an air raid shelter dating back to the Second World War. The walk concludes at Amare Restaurant, where you can enjoy a memorable sunset dinner.


We are delighted to welcome guests back to our luxurious Sicilian resort from spring 2021 for an invigorating change of scene brimming with outdoor adventures. Book by emailing reservations.verdura@roccofortehotels.com or calling +39 06 32 888 630.

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