Cielo Terrace

Step out onto the glamorous rooftop terrace and breathe deeply, looking out at the staggering skyline of the Eternal City unfolding before you.

Begin your day with an energising breakfast accompanied by healthy vegetables extracts and freshly-squeezed juice with pastry delicacies of the Roman tradition. In the afternoon, savour a leisurely lunch of exquisite Italian dishes, served above terracotta rooftops and under blue skies.

As the light fades and the flames of the lanterns flicker, settle in for aperitivo hour with our inspired Asian-Italian menu. Try dim sum dumplings filled with savoury spices and traditional flavours. For a candle-lit dinner under the stars, our evening menu showcases a range of indulgent delicacies expertly prepared by our chefs.

Later, order another glass of wine or a theatrical cocktail while admiring the view from our spectacular terraces. The night is yours.

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