The Rooftops of Rocco Forte Hotels

Rocco Forte Hotels

Bright young things are drawn to the elegant chatter, well-mixed cocktails and charming views on our glamorous terraces. Our collection of tiered, scented outdoor spaces are imbued with the most spectacular vistas over beautiful Berlin, the Eternal City of Rome and the azure waters off Palermo.

With a commanding view of Berlin’s historic Bebelplatz square, our elegant rooftop terrace rises above Hotel de Rome, while the social set gathers on Hotel de la Ville’s glamorous, parasol-shaded rooftop. In Palermo meanwhile, Villa Igiea, once a sanctuary for royalty and dignitaries, has views of the horizon from its terrace out across the Tyrrhenian Sea.

A Romantic View of Rome

Audrey Hepburn, in Roman Holiday, famously rested on the 18th century Spanish Steps, a scene that typifies Rome for many. High above the famous travertine and marble staircase, bleached white in the sunshine, the shaded terrace of Hotel de la Ville offers respite from the crowds below. 

Amid the hum and chatter of Cielo, with its bright red and white striped canopies, the sweeping panorama over Rome’s terracotta roof tiles stretches to the majestic dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica, the sprawling Vatican, and on to the seven hills on which it was founded. This summer, the ancient myths of Roman divinities inspire the cocktails at Cielo. The legends of Bacchus, the God of Wine, and fire god Vulcan are conjured up from on high as you take in the aromas and flavours delicately mixed into unique concoctions that recall the stories of Rome’s past.

On the Rooftops of Berlin

At the heart of Berlin, Hotel de Rome is the stylishly converted former headquarters of Dresdner Bank, but the hotel’s crowning jewel is far above the original bank vault. A popular destination for design-savvy locals, our rooftop circulates with the welcoming cool of a summer’s breeze, just what’s called for while sipping something crisp or carefully mixed.

The buzzing Rooftop Terrace and the more intimate Hedwig Terrace, both look out over the Opera House towards the majestic patina dome of Berlin Cathedral and Bebelplatz square, blushing powder pink in the setting sun.

Sea Views as Far as the Eye Can See

Overlooking the Gulf of Palermo in Sicily, the terrace at our Art Nouveau palazzo, Villa Igiea, opens up gardens and sea views that have remained unchanged over much of the last century. Villa Igiea was once the preserve of the influential Sicilian Florio family and their friends – King Edward VII of England among them – in whose footsteps you will tread, sipping Champagne and Martinis as the sun goes down and the lights of the boats twinkle over the darkening waters of the Mediterranean.

Expertly mixed cocktails are served from late spring into early autumn, and the bronzing glow of high summer is where you will absorb the true beauty of the outdoor terrace, under wide-open skies so intensely cobalt blue your soul can’t help but feel uplifted.

Subscribe to the high life and visit the rooftop of Berlin’s Hotel de Rome, raise a glass on Hotel de la Ville’s ravishing roof deck in Rome or sit on our seaside terrace in Sicily at the charming Villa Igiea.

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