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About At Hotel Amigo

Marrying influences and inspirations from all corners of Italy and Belgium, Ristorante Bocconi’s menu, envisioned by the Maestro Fulvio Pierangelini and crafted by Head Chef Igor Rosi, brings superlative Italian fine dining to the historic heart of Brussels.


Its philosophy is simple: to use the very best ingredients and treat them with respect. On the menu, you’ll find dishes like Italian Red Cow Parmesan, shaved thickly and served with seared, lusciously tender slices of beef from Belgium’s famous Atelier Dierendonck, with fresh rocket and a slick of grassy green, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from our Verdura Resort in Sicily.

Dine with us on the outdoor terrace, surrounded by fragrant herbs and bay trees, looking up along the cobblestones towards UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Grand-Place, or in the sophisticated, jewel-bright dining room, designed by Olga Polizzi. Decorated with prints and plates by Piero Fornasetti, the space has a playfulness about it that perfectly complements the artistic cuisine.

Our Team

  • Director of Food FULVIO PIERANGELINI

    "A potato and a truffle on their own have no sense. Together, they are pure magic." Celebrity Chef Fulvio Pierangelini has 25 years of experience. His rustic approach brings distinctive flair to classic Italian dishes.

  • Executive Chef IGOR ROSI

    Executive Chef Igor Rosi is the artist acting in the kitchen at Ristorante BoCConi. Under the supervision of Fulvio Pierangelini, he combines his long experience and talent to create unique dishes combining the best of Belgian produces and all the flavors of traditional Italian cuisine.