​​This Valentine's Day, Rocco Forte Hotels is challenging conventional celebrations centred around couples by placing the spotlight on the most significant relationship of all – the relationship with oneself. Introducing Love’s Table, a unique and inclusive dining experience available in each of the hotels’ restaurants that aims to eradicate the stigma surrounding solo dining on Valentine's Day, and celebrates the variety of life’s relationships. 

From the UK to Belgium, Germany to Italy, over Valentine’s Day Rocco Forte Hotels will create a dining table for all, inviting anyone to celebrate the 14th of February. Whether bringing a parent; flying solo; looking to make new connections; or simply relishing the idea of treating oneself on Valentine's Day, Love’s Table is the ideal setting to indulge in excellent cuisine and delicious drinks on a table with multiple guests. 

Love’s Table embraces the full spectrum of connections that make life meaningful. Whether it is friendships, loving relationships, or the relationship with oneself, Love’s Table will be a wonderful addition to the traditional couples tables at Rocco Forte Hotels inviting guests to pull up a chair and chat with new people, amidst elegant table settings for an evening of new connections that transcend romance. 

A specially curated menu will be served, with guests enjoying accompanying wines and cocktails carefully created to complement the dinner. As conversation flows between strangers, guests are invited to celebrate fellow diners’ individuality, and perhaps even build new relationships, in whatever form that might be. 

Our Restaurants: