The Best Wild Swimming Spots in Bavaria


Bavaria is home to spectacular outdoor lakes, including the famed ‘Five Lakes’ area, where swimmers take the plunge in clear, natural waters surrounded by stunning scenery. Join us for a wild swimming tour of the region, all an easy train or car journey from the sumptuous surrounds of The Charles Hotel in Munich.


Lake Walchen (Walchensee)

The gleaming turquoise water of Lake Walchen often reminds visitors of the Mediterranean. Clean and pure, the water is chilly, but hike up the Jochberg first during the summer and a bracing plunge in the deep water will be welcome.


Lake Ammer (Ammersee)

A day trip here involves swimming in pristine water, as well as the opportunity to go windsurfing, sailing, hiking, and cultural sightseeing. As an added extra, visitors can go to the pretty Benedictine Andechs Monastery, perched on the hill above the lake.


Lake Starnberg (Starnberger See)

Located between Munich and the Alps, Lake Starnberg offers incredible mountain views as well as some fantastic wild swimming spots. The northern bank is a particular favourite among locals, thanks to its verdant lakeside greenery.

Lake Pilsen (Pilsensee)

With a generous shallow area near the shore and lots of overhanging trees providing shade, Lake Pilsen is popular with families. Those who swim further out can enjoy views of the picturesque lakeside, as well as the eye-catching Seefeld Castle.

Lake Chiem (Chiemsee)

The biggest lake in Bavaria – with glistening water, nature trails, and historical sites – Lake Chiem (nicknamed ‘the Bavarian Sea’) is a popular day trip destination from Munich. King Ludwig II’s unfinished Herrenchiemsee Palace in the middle of the lake, with its main entrance fashioned on France's Palace of Versailles, is a highlight of a visit.

Lake Wessling (Weßlinger See)

One of the smallest of Bavaria’s ‘Five Lakes’, visitors can hike around Lake Wessling in half an hour, before cooling off with a swim surrounded by plants, flowers and innumerable species of birds.

Lake Wörth (Wörthsee)

With beautiful, clear water and bucolic scenery, a wild swim here is likely to be one of the warmest and most relaxing in Bavaria. Just under half an hour from Munich, get here early in the day to enjoy the serene setting before other swimmers arrive.


Located within easy reach of Bavaria’s lakes, The Charles Hotel in Munich is the ideal jumping off point from which to enjoy some wild swimming. To book your trip call +49 89 544 5550 or email