Artisans of Style

Across the capitals of Europe, some of the finest traditions of craft date back centuries. Ateliers, boutiques and makers that are quintessentially of the cities and countries they’re in, and are esteemed the world over. From leatherworking and cobbling to porcelain and textiles, they create beautiful things that speak to generations of skill, dedication and an appreciation of the beauty of the handmade—and are eminently collectible. 

A couple in love near Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy


Arguably the most romantic city in Italy, this treasure chest of Renaissance culture has style in spades. A deeply individual city; it has its own rhythm and will draw you in time and time again. From seeking out the softest artisan leather to be made into covetable accessories in time-honoured tradition to taking part in the unique experience of truffle hunting in the scenic Tuscan hills around the city and feeling like a Borgia surveying the duomos and palazzi from the highest renaissance towers, there is a new experience for every hour of your stay

From evenings spent wandering through lemon-scented gardens to dinners on moonlit piazzas, Florence is indeed a cultural feast in every sense.

Where to Stay?

In pride of place on the Piazza della Repubblica, amongst the city’s leading landmarks, is Hotel Savoy; iconic Florentine hotel. Dressed by Laudomia Pucci and Olga Polizzi, in signature prints and Renaissance antiques. Catered by Fulvio Pierangelini, in definitive Tuscan style. Filled with character, a breath of fresh air in a city steeped in history. Realised by Rocco Forte Hotels.

The Artisans of Florence

Delving into their European DNA, Rocco Forte Hotels opens their black book to some of the best their cities have to offer, exploring the artisanal talents as well as behind the scenes access to truly the best experiences that embody their locations.

There’s a reason ‘Made in Italy’ is still arguably the world’s most recognized hallmark of quality and beauty. From leather goods and ceramic tiles to mosaics and embroidery, the country harbours the finest traditions, the most historic workshops, and the most talented artisanal names—and hands—known and prized the world over

Artisanal tours and experiences can booked through Hotel Savoy's dedicated concierge

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Fondazione Lisio, Via Benedetto Fortini 143.

It was founded by the Abruzzese Giuseppe Lisio in 1906, but the roots of this quintessentially Florentine weaving concern stretch much farther back, to traditions born and cultivated here in Renaissance times.

Working with gold, silver and silk, the Lisio weavers create sumptuous, intricate silk-velvets and brocades and brocatelles on traditional 19th-century wood looms. Even then, more than 100 years ago, Lisio had to search long and hard to find women still versed in the skill of working the threads and shuttles. These women taught a younger generation, who in turn continued to cultivate a generation of new weavers, so that today, when you visit the factory premises in Via Benedetto Fortini, men and women can be found working the complex Jacquard looms by hand, threading them for the ground warp and the accompanying bobbins for the loom warp—each one at a time, entirely by hand.

The satisfying sound of the clapping machines place fills the workshop on Via Benedetto Fortini, where historic and contemporary samples of their finest work—including collaborations with Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi (Lisio produced many of the velvet and metallic brocades for the Baguette bags), liveries for teams that compete in Siena’s famous Palio race, and the occasional Papal stole—are on display.

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Bitossi Ceramiche

Via A. Gramsci 16, Montelupo Fiorentino.

Established in 1921 in Montelupo Fiorentino, just southwest of Florence, this groundbreaking ceramicist came to fame in the 50s under the creative directorship of Aldo Londi, who in the ensuing years collaborated extensively with the legendary designer Ettore Sottsass.

Today the company directors keep things super-contemporary, engaging with buzzy product designers and artists along the lines of Arik Levy, Laura Bethan Wood and Max Lamb. But the classic Londi ‘Rimini Blue’ series still gets collectors excited worldwide—and is still faithfully produced here. In honour of its centennial, Bitossi has just opened a stunning archive museum, full of vintage pieces, prototypes and first-edition models. Be warned: for the true art-ceramics aficionado, it might just bring on a bout of Stendahl Syndrome. 

Bitossi welcomes Hotel Savoy guests for private museum tours and to commission bespoke ceramic designs with its artisans. 

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