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Early summer is the perfect time for a European break. Increasingly warm yet without the searing heat of late summer, the climate lends itself to new, engaging al fresco experiences. Delight your clients with fascinating and exclusive insights into local history and culture.

Palio di Siena with Hotel Savoy

Founded in the 14th century, the Palio di Siena is one of the most acclaimed horse races in the world. Taking place on 2nd July and 16th August 2019, twice every summer it garners fierce competition amongst riders representing each of Siena’s different neighbourhoods, or contrade. Guests at Hotel Savoy can experience this adrenaline-fuelled spectacle from prime platform seats by the Fonte Gaia, offering unparalleled views of the starting line. In addition to return transfers, the day also includes a 3-hour guided tour of Siena before the race and a beautiful Palio ‘Contrada’ scarf.

Berlin art insider tour with Hotel de Rome

 Dubbed the ‘Creative City of Design’ by UNESCO, Berlin’s art scene is truly inspiring. Hotel De Rome offers artistically-inclined guests a simple way to dive in with its 3-hour Art Insider Tour. Led by a local expert, this private tour delivers an immersive experience with access to some of the city’s coolest contemporary art galleries, as well as the opportunity to hear from gallery owners and artists themselves.

 Goethe’s Frankfurt with Villa Kennedy

 The birthplace of Germany’s most prominent author and poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Frankfurt is a special destination for literature lovers. Villa Kennedy has curated a bespoke experience that allows your clients to follow in his footsteps, beginning with a tour of the 18th-century Brentano House where Goethe stayed in Rheingau, led by the baroness herself and followed by an exclusive wine tasting and picnic in his favourite spot under the linden tree. Guests will also be treated to a guided tour of Frankfurt led by a Goethe expert, before a meal in the Gerbermühle beer garden where the man himself often ate.

For more information about Hotel Savoy’s Palio di Siena experience, please email or call +39 055 27 351.

For more information about the Berlin Art Insider tour at Hotel de Rome, please email or call +49 30 460 60 90.

 For more information about the Goethe experience at Villa Kennedy, please email or call +49 69 71712 1430.

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Florence’s Sweetest Paths: Gelato Tour with Hotel Savoy

The name Bernardo Buontalenti might not mean much to those outside of Florence, but it should. A prestigious Florentine architect and artist favoured by the Medici, he is also widely credited with inventing gelato. This frozen delight is now as synonymous with Italy as pizza and is deeply intertwined with Florence’s heritage.  Take a tour of the city’s most celebrated gelaterias, curated by the expert concierge team at Hotel Savoy.