An Ode To Quiet Luxury: Embracing Travel’s Latest Trend

Rocco Forte Hotels

At the Autumn/Winter 2023 catwalk shows, the fashion world was abuzz with a trend that is set to become an enduring classic. Quiet Luxury ruled the collections and front rows, combining perfect cashmere sweaters, chic unbranded bags and outfits that oozed expensive comfort rather than displaying showy labels.

Described by Elle magazine as “new-age minimalism, with a larger focus on investment pieces and thoughtful shopping habits”, the trend translates into simple, quality pieces chosen for their heritage, craftsmanship and wearability. Put simply, less is always more.

Where fashion goes, interiors and travel often follow. Now, residential designers and top hotels have turned Quiet Luxury into the mood of the moment. After all, against a backdrop of environmental and financial pressures, it makes perfect sense to embrace regional, ethically grown produce and be extra mindful of local landscapes and ways of life. These days, the most switched-on travellers are seeking out quiet, purposeful escapes in the world’s best hotels rather than glitzy, status-driven holidays.

A new kind of indulgence

On the small screen, a popular black comedy series which highlights the glamour of five star hotels. The characters’ excursions focus on thoughtful adventures such as privileged access to private palaces and wine tastings in the fertile hills. Meanwhile, the wardrobe of its cast showcases low-key luxe holiday wardrobe of monochrome swimsuits and neatly cut dresses, earning all the style plaudits.

Looking like a film set, Igiea Terrazza Bar at Villa Igiea is the ideal spot to soak up Sicily’s Belle Époque history with a perfectly made Negroni Svegliato (very Quiet Luxury). And, just like the characters on that well-known TV show, those checking in to the hotel can trace their links to the island with the help of an ancestry concierge.

Authentic Experiences

Quiet Luxury chimes with the growing enthusiasm for experiential travel. Many visitors now crave the satisfaction of truly getting to know a destination rather than just ticking it off. An ancestry concierge is one way to forge links while, at other Rocco Forte Hotels, there are plenty more. 

At The Balmoral in Edinburgh, guests can create a Gaelic poem with the hotel’s Poet-In-Residence Marcas Mac an Tuairneir. At Rome’s Hotel de Russie, families can set off in search of the perfect ice cream with a gelato guide, wandering hidden alleys and secret piazzas in search of the best that the city has to offer. And during a stay at Berlin’s Hotel de Rome, guests can take to the River Spree at dawn to paddle board with the locals as the sun climbs higher in a colour chart sky.

Quiet Luxury extends beyond experiences though. It’s about crisp cotton sheets on perfectly made beds and the softest bathroom towels, a faultless cup of coffee in the bar and deliciously scented hallways. Waft through Sicily’s Verdura Resort and inhale the soft smell of orange blossom that lingers in the air and you’ll really know the feeling.

This new way of travelling is about recognising the importance of time. It’s about being greeted like an old friend when you walk into the lobby or the restaurant of a hotel, a way of being that’s intrinsic to Rocco Forte Hotels.

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