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Belgium is famous for its comics, but few characters can compete with the beloved blue Smurfs. First brought to life in the 1950s, the franchise celebrates its 60th birthday this year (the same birthday that Hotel Amigo is celebrating) and to mark the occasion, the Smurfs are jumping off the page and into real life at Brussels Expo’s sensational Smurf Experience.

Designed to transport visitors into the world of the Smurfs through life-size scenery and interactive challenges, watch as you seem to shrink to “three apples high” as your surroundings grow around you. Go on a family adventure through a world filled with state-of-the-art virtual reality, magic potions and of course the evil wizard Gargamel, in order to save the day—and the Smurfs!

An unmissable opportunity for comic book fans of all ages, Hotel Amigo is celebrating the Smurfs’ momentous anniversary with a very special family package. In addition to a complimentary children’s room, the exclusive Smurfs package includes a welcome meeting with the hotel’s Family Concierge and Belgian comics expert, Jean, who will share his top tips with visitors before handing over tickets to Brussels’ Smurf Experience, as well as special Smurf costumes for little ones and locally made Smurf soap for adults. With the kids suitably dressed in their brand-new outfits, you’ll then be driven to the Smurf Experience by your very own chauffer—also dressed for the occasion as Smurf villain, Gargamel.

To book Hotel Amigo’s special Smurfs Package, call us on +32 2 547 4747 or email