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As the name already suggests, this simple yet refined cocktail is inspired by Ancient Rome. Indeed, its few ingredients and authentic presentation take us back in time, imagining Roman Emperors reclining and dining to their heart's content. Grapes were always present during their banquets and events, so it comes as no surprise that this drink is made mostly of pressed white grapes and grape brandy – we even add a small bunch of grapes as a final adornment! 


The addition of honey pays homage to mulsum, a pre-dinner tipple served at parties in the Imperial Roman era, which is made by mixing honey into white wine. In order to make the setting as faithful as possible, Roma Antiqua is served using an amphora, a cup made of copper, and metal glasses.



12 cl pressed grapes, white

5 cl ÙE “Aquavite D’uva” Uvabianca (white grapes) by Nonino

2 cl honey

1 cl lemon juice

A handful of black peppercorns



Press the grapes and pour the juice into a shaker

Add the other ingredients, as well as the ice cubes

Shake the mixture vigorously

Strain the cocktail into a small amphora

Serve it in copper cups or metal glasses 

Adorn it with a sprinkle of black peppercorns and a small bunch of grapes   

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