Designer Suites: Living in a Work of Art

Rocco Forte Hotels

Core to the spirit and fabric of Rocco Forte Hotels is a focus on original design. Through a shared approach with like-minded creatives, we present three new designer suites offering complete immersion into the mind of the designer.

These special suites – in London, Brussels and Palermo – pay homage to a famous British designer dubbed the ‘King of Stripes’, the German photographer who shot for Vogue and the ‘queen’ of 1920’s Palermo.

Sir Paul Smith Suite at Brown’s Hotel

On the first floor of Brown’s Hotel, push on the brass banana door handle and enter a world of colour, pulsing with Sir Paul Smith’s vibrant creativity. A prominent British designer, famed for his iconic stripes, mesmerising storefronts and colourful designs, Sir Paul has designed a playful haven of charm and wit for our guests.

Stay in this suite and be fully immersed in the world of Paul Smith then cross over to the other side of Albemarle Street for a VIP tour of his shop-meets-gallery, hidden behind a unique iron façade.

In your room, you can put yourself in the designer’s seat as you pull up to the elegant writing desk, in a chair taken straight from Sir Paul’s HQ in Covent Garden. Look up at his impressive art collection, which bedecks the entire wall ahead of you, then wave at a welcoming robot with a camera for a head and whose body is a vintage tin can.

In the centre of the living room, sink into the deep blue sofa. As your eyes are drawn to the impressive fireplace look closely and you’ll see a homage to Sir Paul’s dear Afghan Hound, Homer, in the little dogs that hold the firewood.

Wander into the bedroom and note a softer colour palette. While the vivid hues of the living room are bound to stimulate the senses and give you a burst of creative energy, the neutral tones surrounding the king-size bed will soothe the mind and allow for a restful and undisturbed sleep.

The Peter Lindbergh Suite at Hotel Amigo

In the heart of Brussels, take a deep-dive into the monochromatic world of the late legend of photography, Peter Lindbergh. The German photographer was most well-known for his black-and-white portraits of some of the world’s most iconic models, which you can now see lining the walls of a new suite at Hotel Amigo

Lindbergh gave Anna Wintour her first cover shot for British Vogue and set the supermodels on a course to megastardom with his January 1990 front cover photograph. Admirers of his work can surround themselves with his stunning images at Hotel Amigo’s new suite. 

See famous names such as Jean Reno, Jeanne Moreau and Isabella Rossellini up-close in your suite before attending Untold Stories, an insightful exhibition showcasing Lindbergh’s impressive career at the Vanderborght Space, a mere five-minute walk from your doorstep. 

From 18th April, 2023, Diane von Furstenberg stamps her own unique style on the suite. Bold zebra-patterned carpets and Andy Warhol silk scarves replace monochrome prints as we step into her world to celebrate 50 years of her flawless wrap dress.


The Donna Franca Suite at Villa Igiea

Bringing the elegance and glamour of the Belle Epoque era into the 21st century, the sea-view Donna Franca Suite in Villa Igiea is a graceful tribute to the so-called “Queen of Palermo”, a prominent noblewoman who lived in the city until her death in 1950.

The sumptuous Donna Franca Suite offers the utmost in privacy. As the sea breeze gently wafts through the living room room, explore the regally designed space where gold finishings beautifully complement the blue and white hues. 

Admire the carefully curated art collection across the walls, twirl beneath the resplendent, ornate chandelier or relax on a sunbed on the terrace and soak in the glittering views of the wide azure ocean that extends to the horizon. Listen closely to hear the sounds of the waves softly crashing to shore.

As night falls, after a heavenly dinner at the Belle Epoque-inspired Florio, feel like Donna Franca herself as you luxuriate in the palatial marble bathroom and sink into the magnificent, four-poster, king-size bed.


Surround yourself with a world of bold, elegant and entirely unique design at Rocco Forte Hotels.

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