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Founder of one of Europe’s largest yoga schools, Spirit Yoga, Patricia Thielemann’s summer classes on Hotel de Rome’s picturesque rooftop are immensely popular amongst guests. We sat down with her to hear more about her yoga journey and how this practise benefits our guests.

How did you begin teaching yoga?

“My mom introduced me to yoga when I was 14. As a teenager, I was very shy, my posture was poor and my lungs weak. Yoga helped improve this. Slowly but surely, I became stronger, gained confidence and expanded my breathing capacity. I’ve now taught yoga for over 25 years, having learned from various yoga masters in the US and India. Over time, I’ve developed my own signature style of yoga: Spirit Yoga. It’s a thoughtful, modern approach to yoga, adapted to our time and culture, that truly integrates body, mind and soul and accommodates beginners as well as seasoned yogis.”

Can you share some of the benefits?

“Yoga helps to cultivate equanimity, self-awareness, resilience, concentration and mental clarity. On a physical level, it can alleviate back pain, improve posture, build muscle tone, relieve tension and leave the body feeling freer. For business travellers, it’s great to let go of stress and regain clarity of mind.”

How limber do you actually have to be to practise yoga?

“There are preconceived notions about yoga. Some people think you have to be super-limber in order to practise—that’s not the case. Yes, you can increase your range of motion with yoga, but you really don’t have to be able to bend into a pretzel.”

How did you begin working with Hotel de Rome?

“I was looking for a beautiful outdoor location where I could offer yoga during the summer months. When I saw the amazing view from Hotel de Rome’s rooftop and stepped into its beautiful spa, I was in awe. It was the perfect location for what I had in mind. We started with one session, which was booked immediately and since then, we’ve offered a series of classes every summer. I love offering Sunday morning sessions on the rooftop at Hotel du Rome. I am very grateful that the staff at the hotel share my vision. Together, we create meaningful experiences for the guests.”

Does performing yoga on the rooftop change the experience?

“It’s truly magical to be up there on the roof of Hotel de Rome. You can see the skyline of Berlin Mitte, you can hear the bells of the Berliner Dom and the sun is shining above you.”

What advice would you give a first-timer ahead of their first session?

“Look for the real experience and find a good, professional teacher. Don’t eat right before practice and when the class starts, engage fully. Make sure you always practise with love and care. How you approach yoga will have an effect on how you feel after the class.”

To experience rooftop yoga at Hotel de Rome, email or call +49 30 460 609 1430.

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