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Florentine fashion royalty, Laudomia Pucci, measures up a city of majestic museums, fabulous fashion and floral magic.

Start with something special
At our headquarters in Palazzo Pucci, in Via di Pucci, we can organize VIP appointments where guests can be talked through the latest collection as well as having a special tour. We can also grant access to the archives, and provide a unique VIP service.

Then discover new talent
I go to Luisa Via Roma for shopping. It is a fashion concept store and a great discoverer of new talent. It is luxury and contemporary at once, with everything from fashion and jewelry to skateboards!

Before indulging another passion
For a snack I love the truffle sandwiches at Procacci, just off the Piazza Della Repubblica. You can have them with tomato juice, they are just exceptional. Procacci is known by every Florentine. Camillo, on Borgo San Jacopo, is a Sunday lunch must. I love the spaghetti bottarga and the fried mozzarella. It is quite rich food, afterwards you have to go jogging in the hills!

Then sample the culture of majestic Florence
The Museum of the Opera del Duomo is just one of the most beautiful places, with incredible religious art in a modern setting. It is very important to go there.

And to end? How about a little magic
I strongly recommend Sebastian, the flower magician of Florence. He has a store at Hotel Savoy, my favorite hotel in Florence. He is a real genius.

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