From Picasso to the Pantheon: A Tale of Three Artistic Suites

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Travel. It’s one of life’s great pleasures. Indeed, it’s been said that it is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. And we all know that sightseeing is wonderful, enriching even. But so is having an amazing suite to return to – or never leave. Join us on a voyage of discovery through three of our most inspiring and artistic suites, where creativity and design effortlessly coexist. Stunning views, architectural wonders and unique layouts make staying in these suites an experience hard to forget.

The Picasso Suite at Hotel de Russie, Rome

Widely acknowledged as one of the most influential artists of all time, Pablo Picasso needs little introduction. Known for making an impression, the tables were turned when he fell in love with Rome during a three-month sabbatical in 1917. When not soaking up inspiration in the Eternal City, the Spanish artist stayed at Hotel de Russie where he was known to lean out of the windows to pick oranges from the hotel’s garden.

It seems only fitting, therefore, to honour his legacy with the Picasso Suite, designed to reflect the artist’s signature style. Featuring a palette of bold colours, rich textures, and flooded with natural light befitting any painter, the suite is scattered with artful touches such as handmade tapestry cushions decorated with renderings of popular Picasso works. Stroll across warm timber floors, passing by an elegant marble dining table, to the terracotta-toned terrace where stunning views across our Secret Garden and the Pincian Hill are sure to spark creativity.

The Artist Suite at Hotel Savoy, Florence

Art, a truly universal language, weaves through Florence like DNA. A simple stroll through its cobblestone streets is akin to a museum visit. The birthplace of the Renaissance, much of its allure lies in the strokes of Michelangelo, the brilliance of da Vinci, and the poetry of Botticelli. It is the perfect setting for Hotel Savoy’s Artist Suite, a canvas where guests become part of the city’s narrative.

Dotted with sculptures and artistic tomes, the suite’s calming colour palette and stunning views over the Piazza della Repubblica allow for inspiration and creativity to bud. In keeping with the artistic spirit of Florence, the suite is also home to rotating exhibitions of top creatives so guests are treated to their own private showcase, with all displayed works available to purchase for a lasting keepsake.

The De La Ville Penthouse at Hotel De La Ville, Rome

In Rome, art is not confined to galleries but spills onto the streets, where exquisite figures and intricate fountains sculpted by Bernini and his disciples stand proud in the sunlight, creating an open-air gallery. The Vatican houses a trove of masterpieces, including Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, which stands as a testament to human creativity. While the ancient ruins of the Colosseum and sprawling Roman Forum allow visitors to delve deeper into history.

Overlooking it all, perched atop the Spanish Steps, sits the De La Ville Penthouse at Hotel de la Ville, the gatekeeper to some of the Eternal City’s most sweeping vistas. A collection of three Signature suites - Canova Suite, Roma Suite, and De La Ville Suite - this palatial penthouse is spread across two floors, and is accessed by a separate elevator for utmost privacy. A multi-bedroom masterpiece where guests cannot fail to unwind in expansive living spaces, adorned with luxurious fabrics and textures – a celebration of classic Roman elegance told through the colour palette of the city. But it is the breathtaking views from the terraces that overlook the famous domes of the Pantheon and San Carlo al Corso that cannot fail to inspire. Perfect for sun-kissed breakfasts or an evening Aperol Spritz - what could be more wonderful? 

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