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Music is not an exact science, the same for everyone, always and everywhere. On the contrary, it reflects moods, social interactions and the context in which it is spread and listened to. And if it respects these rules, it creates emotions and memories.

It is also important for Rocco Forte Hotels to get in touch with the place to make the atmosphere of a particular city alive.

Precisely, quoting Sir Rocco Forte: "Something different. Something special. Something unique. "I created this Music Experience.

It is different because it mixes different styles, rhythms and musical periods, bringing them together under a principle of listening consistency. It can only be created with a clear goal ahead and a rigorous path to achieve it. Otherwise, it becomes a collection without a soul or a jukebox without emotions.


It is special because our traditions are special. The sound story that is told in HOTEL SAVOY'S ITALIAN MUSIC JOURNEY revolves around the five tracks, therefore the traditions, which strongly identify our territory: the artists (Mina), the cinema (Morricone - film music, Sophia Loren - actress, Amarcord - film), the Italian music in the world (Volare and Tu Vo Fa L'americano). Five songs out of 18, not one more (so the desire remains), nor one less (it would be too simplistic).


It is unique because this Music Experience was created "ad hoc" for the Hotel Savoy, Florence.

All that's left to do is listening to it ... Happy listening!


Marco Solforetti - Sound Director of Tailor Music

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