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With its two 18-hole championship courses set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, Verdura Resort is an idyllic place to work on your golf technique. Players looking to lower their handicap can take advantage of the Golf Academy, where PGA qualified coaches are on hand to supercharge your skills on the green. Here, Verdura’s Golf Pro, Tom Foster shares his handicap-lowering tips for your best game yet.

Work on your short game

If you can improve your chipping and putting, this is a straightforward way to take strokes off your round. “A quick and sure way to lower your handicap is by investing some of the time you spend at the golf course practising your short game,” explains Tom. “Dedicating some of your time to your short game will build up your confidence in your overall performance. Over time you’ll notice that it will remove some pressure off your shot to the green, because even if you miss the green, most times you will get ‘up and down.’”

Practice makes perfect

The easiest way to lower your handicap is to get out and practice. Opt for shorter, high-focused sessions and aim to hit lots of balls in practice. In addition, consider taking regular exercise that works the major muscle groups, in particular the core, which will help you develop strength and increase that all important range of motion.

Find your rhythm

It may sound obvious, but rhythm is crucial for a good shot. Begin by working with your natural movement, which will help determine the best grip and plane for you and provide the best foundation for achieving a smooth, fluid swing. Focus on timing and fluid weight transfer through the ball. Once you’ve mastered your rhythm, just be sure to stick to a routine when you approach the ball—continuity is crucial.

Take some lessons

Take advantage of Verdura Resort’s knowledgeable Golf Pros and book your spot at the Golf Academy. A private lesson includes video and computer analysis in addition to a bespoke plan for on-going development.

Take a look at Verdura’s seasonal golf packages, which include complimentary green fees.

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