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Creating imaginative Italian adventures for children and families, Very Important Kids are experts on inspirational travel. Bringing a series of specially curated, immersive Florentine experiences for little guests to Hotel Savoy, here, Very Important Kids share their tips for parents on how families can travel with wonder.

In what ways can parents inspire their children when travelling with them?

“Travelling the world together creates unforgettable memories and is a bonding experience for the family. Parents can stimulate their kids’ curiosity by proposing adventures to experience while exploring the world and helping them gain knowledge through games. Fun storytelling about the history of the places they visit encourages a child’s desire to explore the world. Imaginative play is the key. Play is a serious matter!”

Do you have any practical tips for travelling with children?

“Kids need to know they’re can have fun even without video games or theme parks. They need objectives. Younger kids love the concept of going on a mission. So, packing books on the places you will go is a great way to generate curiosity, and kids will have the chance to make associations with what they have already seen, heard and read.”

What’s the VIK travel philosophy?

“Play. Play to learn. Play to acquire knowledge. Play while observing at the world.

Travel with curiosity and with an open mind. Make it a game and look at the world with eyes of wonder. The enjoyment of all family members is important on our tours. Parents have their own art historian to guide them around and children have a kids’ specialist to engage them in games related to art and history.”

VIK specialise in experiences in Florence. What makes this city so exciting for kids?

“Florence is the cradle of Italian culture, full of secrets and stories that can be told. It’s packed with historical characters and geniuses that changed the world, who invented lots of interesting things that we use today. Florence is also small and safe for kids, making it the perfect place to stroll around the city.”

What adventures can junior travellers at Hotel Savoy embark on with VIK?

“For young guests at Hotel Savoy, we’ve created a series of multi-sensory adventures that involve solving mysteries, meeting historical fun ghosts and learning facts and traditions. They can see the city from the river and explore Florence with all their senses. If parents want to go into more depth on any historical aspects, VIK will create a unique programme that will turn into an adventure for the whole family.”

To enquire about VIK adventures at Hotel Savoy call +39 055 2735836 or email

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