Rocco Forte Hotels
JUN 5th

An expert with a holistic vision, Dr Ali is internationally renowned for his approach to healing, which fuses traditional Eastern therapies with progressive Western techniques. He has been a physician to Royalties, heads of states, businessmen, sports personalities and Hollywood actors such as Kate Moss, Sylvester Stallone and Morgan Freeman. As we continue to broaden our approach to guests’ health and wellness, he will be joining us at Verdura Resort to establish a very special programme, intended to offer relaxation and revitalisation amid the property’s stunning Sicilian surrounds. We sat down with him to hear more about his background and plans for the future.


Tell us about your medical career to date…

“I earned a doctor of medicine degree and a postgraduate degree in acupuncture during my studies in Moscow, after which I studied various fields including ayurveda, yoga and marma under the tutelage of leading practitioners in India. I established my Integrated Medical Centre in London in 1991, the first of its kind in Europe, alongside 22 doctors and practitioners, and have since written eight books, researched stroke rehabilitation, trained NHS doctors and spoken on TV and at conferences around the globe.”


Can you explain how your field differs from traditional medicine?

“Thousands of years ago, patients were treated in healing temples that took a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing, utilising sound, nature and water. The word ‘spa’ actually comes from salus per aquvum, meaning ‘health by water’, as per Roman baths.

Integrated healthcare blends conventional medicine with older traditional and complementary therapies, taking the best of current and ancient systems to ensure treatments are efficacious, safe and user-friendly. I strongly believe in Hippocrates’ main principle, which is to let the body heal itself. With integrated medicine, there’s no reliance on drugs or invasive procedures – and the results speak for themselves.”


What makes Sicily the right setting for your programme?

“I’m extremely honoured to be working alongside this leading luxury hotel group as a spa consultant. If you look at Verdura Resort, it’s plain to see it has all the facilities I need to support guests’ wellbeing. The ambience, the food, the natural beauty, the spa and the activities available all lend themselves perfectly to my programme. Rocco Forte Hotels are doing something unique: no other hotel group has really given the focus required to broader wellbeing.”


The Verdura Resort programme will focus on wellbeing – what can guests expect?

“This year is particularly special as so many people have been required to stay inside. My recommended two-week programme will address issues such as chronic fatigue, energy levels, weight gain, skin and hormonal issues while injecting some youthfulness into guests’ lives. They’ll be able to enjoy the leisure time their holiday affords, while addressing any health issues.


My techniques are original, and guests will enjoy the following:

-          a diet that’s both detoxifying and nourishing

-          marma massages for any nerve, joint and back problems

-          neck connection massages that will improve blood flow to the                brain

-          therapeutic yoga to energise the body and calm the mind

All of these elements are complemented by teas and supplements to ensure a person’s entire wellbeing is looked after.”


To enquire about Dr Ali’s wellness programmes at Verdura Resort and see how they could benefit you, please email