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Maeve Doyle is the BBC London’s Arts’ Correspondent, she is the Artistic Director of the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair and runs Brown’s weekend art tours.

Tell us a little bit about your background?

I’m Canadian-Irish and came over from Canada as a teenager to travel around Europe. I studied to be an artist and had a studio space in Bermondsey, as well as working at the Hayward Gallery. I loved the art world but realised my strength was working on behalf of the artists rather than as an artist. In 2009 I opened a gallery in Notting Hill called Doyle Devere until my business partner decided to move on. From there I worked at Bankrobber Gallery, which sold Banksy walls and I’m currently artistic director at the Maddox Gallery. I’m also the arts correspondent for BBC London on Jo Good and do a 2-hour weekly art show with Soho Radio.

What do you specialise in?

Contemporary and Street art. The secret of successful art is one that is steeped in art history but relevant and engaging now. For instance, I am currently working with Spanish artist Coco Dávez who is bridging the gap between abstract and realism, while displaying a deep understanding of the cannon of art history.

Where is London’s place in the Art World?

London now sits at the centre of the Art World. The stars aligned to draw the world to it: Norman Rosenthal and YBAs had taken on the world at the RA Sensations show in 1997, Tate Modern’s opening in 2000 and the first Frieze art fair in 2003 drew the world’s gaze to London. Today Mayfair sits at the heart of this with major ‘blue chip’ galleries showing cutting-edge contemporary.

How did you get involved with Rocco Forte Hotels and Brown’s?

I lived across the street from Brown’s and knew the staff and doormen, it was a home away from home. I was asked to help out with the Mayfair art programme when one of the team went on maternity leave and then took over the art weekends.

What are the Brown’s Art Tour Weekends?

On a quarterly basis I take a small group of up to 10 people around some of Mayfair’s best contemporary art galleries. Art galleries can be intimidating so I’ve been trying to break down the fear by going behind the scenes, asking the gallery owners or curators to give a talk about the art and artists so that the guest get a real perspective on the work and the art world.  We then sit down for lunch together and chat about what we’ve seen. I always ask which piece of art they would take away and why to help engage everyone in the group and show how art might affect you when you live with it, and how tastes differ. This isn’t about small talk; I want to provide a real understanding of art and an immersive experience.

Maeve Doyle runs quarterly weekend art walking tours with Brown’s Hotel, London. Hotel guests and non-residents can enjoy a fascinating tour of Mayfair’s most exciting galleries, going behind the scenes and meeting some of the art world’s most exciting and influential gallery owners, curators and dealers.  This in-depth tour is followed by lunch at Brown’s.

To book a place on one of the Art Walk Tours, please contact Brown's Reservation on +44 (0) 207 518 4172 or email

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