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New Zealand star Nick Ferretti soared to fame overnight when he made it to the final of German talent show Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2019. On 9th November, he’ll be opening Frankfurt’s annual Deutscher SportPresseBall, a prestigious gala that this year honours the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. As a VIP guest at Villa Kennedy, which is sponsoring the well-attended event, Nick shares his impressions of Frankfurt, the ball and his favourite stay in the city.

It’s a real honour to open the ball. What does it mean to you?

“It means so much. I come from a very sports-driven culture in New Zealand. It’s a Rugby nation—we grow up with it in our blood. I'm really into football here in Europe, especially after meeting German footballer Toni Kroos and playing for his lovely wife and children for her birthday. He is an inspiration and a really nice, down-to-earth guy. I am passionate about sport, and to be invited to meet German sports personalities and stars at the ball is such a privilege.”

Can you share any details about the opening ceremony?

“I can’t share too much, other than I'm going to be playing a very special song. It's going to be an incredible night.”

Is there anyone you’re particularly looking forward to seeing at the VIP welcome drinks at Villa Kennedy?

“I'd love to see Toni again, if he’ll be there. It's just a pleasure to meet everyone, particularly the greats who have been in the sports world for years, they are inspiring people. Like Franz Beckenbauer—legend.”

You’ve stayed with us in Frankfurt before. Can you tell us why you chose Villa Kennedy?

“I've got a great relationship with Villa Kennedy. It has a place in my heart—such a beautiful hotel. Every stay has been relaxing, welcoming, the best service I've ever experienced. The first time I stayed was for a wedding and it was just stunning. I love the old part of the building, the beautiful wood interior and the courtyard is indescribable, really, to sit there for breakfast in the morning. I'm looking forward to bringing my wife back and showing her this grand beauty!”

Finally, what are your favourite things to do in Frankfurt?

“I like to walk around cities to really soak them up. In Frankfurt, I like to stroll around the Old Town. Places like the Römerberg Square, to look at the beautiful, colourful buildings. But what I end up doing a lot of is eating! German food is the best—I love the cafés and restaurants in Frankfurt.”

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