Meet the New Executive Chef at Hotel de Russie

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His latest role has brought Alessandro Buffolino, Executive Chef at Hotel de Russie, back to Rome, the city where started out as a chef. Discover what prompted his decision to return, and his plans for one of Rome’s most romantic restaurants.

How do you ensure fresh thinking in your approach to cooking?

“Research and innovation are fuelled by the constant desire for knowledge and study, both of the raw material and of the latest new innovations in cooking techniques. Learning something new every day stimulates and motivates me greatly. Let's say that the secret is the curiosity to always discover new things.”

What exciting developments are you planning for guests of Hotel de Russie?

“Hotel de Russie is one of the most beautiful and prestigious hotels in Rome, and it’s an honour for me to be here. They’ve certainly done a great job in recent years, and my intention is to continue on this path. 

“My goal is to find all the elegance and simplicity of true Italian cuisine in the dishes. I’ll do this in collaboration with Chef Pierangelini. We’ll create seasonal, perhaps even humble, cuisine but with the secret of liveliness.”

Do you have a special dish that you love to prepare?

My “Spaghettone with Garlic, Oil, Chili, and Octopus" has become famous in Milan in recent years. Several well-known food industry stars described it as “the addictive dish”. We'll see if we can make a Roman version of it.”

Buffolino, Alessandro
" all started in Rome in 2005, and it's a city I love."

Could you share a culinary experience that particularly impressed you?

“Well, before starting my new adventure here at Hotel de Russie, I tried Chef Pierangelini's risotto: an explosion of flavours. You could say that he won me over with his cuisine.”

Your career started in Rome. What do you love most about the city?

“Yes, it all started in Rome in 2005, and it's a city I love. One of my passions to relax and find inspiration is fishing, it helps me a lot. I like to walk with my partner in the historic centre of Rome, admiring the history that surrounds us. 

“I also enjoy an aperitif among Rome's incredible sights, catching up with friends and colleagues who specialise in other cuisines. Comparison, collaboration and the exchange of ideas are always a great source of culinary inspiration.”

Sample Chef Alessandro Buffolino’s legendary Spaghettone – recreated with a Roman twist – at Le Jardin de Russie, set within a stunning secret garden in Rome.

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